Hello friends, thanks so much for stopping by yesterday as I shared a simple Easter table decorated for the season. Today I wanted to pop back in for a fun and easy Kid’s Easter Egg tutorial. Everly and I spent a rainy afternoon (which seems to be typical most days lately ūüėČ playing around with these and I just had to share!

Growing up I LOVED to craft. I mean I was all about puffy paints, acrylics/ceramic figurines, ribbon, friendship bracelets and so much more. My grandma was the crafter in our family and on seldom occasion I would head to her place to spend the day making cookies and playing with beads or making dolls. These times were few but they were special. I am certain I got my love for home making and DIY from her and I love that.

It brings me such sweet peace to know that in some ways my kiddos get to know that side of her through my creativity and I love watching how they will carry on that creative side as well…

Now on to these fun little eggs. I was browsing the store and wondered how I could fix up a fun version of an egg and then it hit me! Little bunnies! But even better I would create a little scene with all his spring time friends.

This project was really simple and takes some basic skills – I wanted the eggs to resemble the cute little critters but not be too detailed.

Here is what you will need…

  • Faux Easter eggs
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue for kid friendly version or glue gun/glue stick (adult only and practice safety when using as these get hot).
  • Yellow, orange, pink paint/paintbrush
  • Yarn
  • White puff balls, and some felt cut in the shape of bunny ears
  • Brown craft paper gift basket filler

And here is how you will assemble the different friends:

  • For the chick: paint the egg yellow and give it a small orange painted beak. Then set inside a little nest of basket filler.
  • For the bunny: glue the puff ball on back for tail and glue on two little ears on the sides. I layered a couple colors for more detailing. Also paint a pink nose on at the end.
  • For the lamb: apply glue and curl some small pieces of yarn rolled up or knotted to create the effect of wool. I attached a few pieces of string total.

And there you have it! Simple and super cute – a craft the whole family can really enjoy =)!

She was pretty smitten with her little friends…

I hope you enjoyed this today and let me know if you try it out!

I will be back next week with another craft project I can’t wait to share…

And speaking of painting, I am flattered to be sharing my favorite paint colors over at Shauna’s Satori Design For Living¬†today- I would love for you to come and stop by! It is a fun series she has over on her blog and a few other bloggers are talking about their favs as well!

Hello all, I am thrilled to have you here as I join these talented friends for the Styled and Set Holiday Entertaining Blog Tours! Today is all about Easter Entertaining and it is hosted by Lory at Designthusiasm… If you are visiting here from my incredible friend Janet at Shabbyfufu, then a very warm welcome to you! Janet has a magical way of decorating her spaces and her tables are always a gorgeous sight to see – truly!

I was excited at the idea of decorating for Easter as for what the celebration means to me and that there is so much renewed joy to be found in this season.


There are no big surprises here that my table decorating heart would be drawn to neutrals and textures and I just had the best time putting this simple spread together.

I say simple because it really was just that! I grabbed a couple bags of these white lilies at our local Whole Foods (which happens to carry some of the most beautiful and affordable flowers – I am always surprised when I stop by). Trader Joes is also another one of my “go to’s” for fresh cut goodies (when I am not using faux). I took the lilies and arranged them inside two very basic pitchers.

To give the table a little pop of color I used these navy floral plates and lined bowls for both pattern and tone.

Then I elongated the whole look by sprinkling craft store eggs around (affordable at 50% off) and used some chunky lace material as a runner. I just folded it and used it, I didn’t worry about sewing or finishing off the edges and it worked just perfect!

Have you smelled a lily recently?!… They are seriously divine. I have had them for almost a week now and I can smell them the minute I walk in our front door!

Of course I keep things welcoming with fringy blankets and pillows tossed on end chairs – I want our guests to linger and enjoy conversations.

I like to also use collections when decorating table tops so I quickly grabbed some smaller white vases/containers and filled them up with potting soil and… onion/chive starters from the garden department! I wanted it to look grassy and these were perfect because of the way they represented spring! I popped a couple eggs here and there to give the notion of those beloved Easter Egg Hunts we had as kiddos.

Accent details keep the table interesting and I did that with some gold touches here and there. I found this plastic flatware at Target and thought it looked like the real thing. For a casual brunch this would work just fine so I went with it (as I do not own anything other than my everyday set of silverware).

The gold eggs seen above also gave that golden glow I was looking for, glimmering hints seen throughout.

The long runner was a casual textile but lengthy size so it made the look more elegant as well.

And of course you may have noticed those sweet little bunny eared napkins popping out of the bowls… I love how this added some bunny charm to the table in a subtle way.

I find that tables usually come together with a few specific ideas. This one was tall stemmed flowers, gold flatware and blue plates. The rest fell in place as I started to set the space and used most of what was on hand.

Entertaining should welcome guests in and make them want to stay. I always hope that is how our loved ones feel when they visit. Making it pretty is the icing on the cake and is just another way I show my love for serving those around me.

It is the heart of why I do it and why I so enjoy having you here with me! You may not actually sit at my table, but I feel like when you come here to look and visit it is much of the same idea. It is a gift I am grateful for and I hope you will visit again soon. Don’t forget to stop by my amazing friend Randi at Randi Garrett Design – her tables are full of beauty, this is something you will not want to miss! The entire tour is listed below for your enjoyment~

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Hi sweet friends! Welcome to The Inspiration Gallery this week. You can read my post below for all the latest around our place and here is what has been happening with Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below and as always go check out the incredible inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend all…

What It Looks Like At Our Home These Days…

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Thread Wrapped Easter Eggs




(Sick day at home with the crew a couple weeks ago, although everyone is on the mend and feeling so much better now, yay!)

Hi friends, I have been slightly preoccupied this week and it’s been kinda quiet over here… The transition from Winter to Spring has left us with cold after cold (or some type of bug) a few extra sick days, many appointments, renovations, school concerts, work, play, family time… Oh you know – life! Haha But in all seriousness, this has felt like a unique season for some particular reasons this year. We’ve been rolling with some bumps, celebrating some successes and trying to stay focused on what really matters. At the end of the day we are grateful and boy has this little blog brought so much joy too. Though we be tired or should I say exhausted on certain days, we are making it through and feeling inspired by the changing seasons.

I thought I’d continue to share some more updates and just the “everyday” with you once in a while. I hope you don’t mind – as this stuff is the heartbeat behind it all and I love getting to open up with each of you…

(About to blow out candles…)

We recently celebrated a birthday for my oldest (you can find his story here) and each picked out our cupcake of choice at a delightful cupcake shop. The flavors were decadent (lemon, strawberry cream, Irish Cream for the hubby and good ole’ sprinkles for the birthday boy) and everyone was pleased with their pick ;).

(Giving me a look of desperation with those cupcakes a few feet away…)

Except for this guy… he was a good sport, but he sure did eye all those treats all weekend. I often get asked what breed Wyatt is, he is a Cavalier King Charles/Cocker Spaniel and the sweetest dog. He has been wonderful with our children and truly a part of the family. His puppy dog eyes are kinda priceless too…

We have a couple fun changes around the house coming up here in the near feature. One being the work on our bathroom (here) and some really fun updates to the outdoors. I may even be adding a couple new additions to this spot in our dining room as well – stay tuned!

Speaking of, tomorrow I am picking up a Craigslist find that I searched for for a while. I am hoping it is as good as I think it will be and can’t wait to show you. It will be replacing this DIY coffee table that I really have loved all these years. I’m not ready to part with it permanently so it will sit in storage for a while until I may want to pull it out again.

This little lady fills up my days and helps out with so many of the posts you see here. It truly has been a special time for her and I to spend together; it blesses my heart when she takes part in what I do. She picked out this particularly colorful outfit the other day and I loved it with all the mixed patterns.

I am counting down the days until the Outdoor Farmer’s Markets open… It’s one of my favorite Spring/Summer things to enjoy for all the fresh flowers and foods. Which happen to be on my mind a lot lately as we are beginning to go gluten and dairy free in this family. Yikes… the thought is a bit overwhelming but I am hoping to share the journey with you a little bit here and there. If any of you are on that same journey I’d love to hear what works well for you. ¬†And while we are on the topic of good food – have you heard that Whole Foods has a Market opening in certain locations called 365?! This is very exciting news because from what I understand (and don’t take my word for it because I am still researching) it is budget friendly! Organic and budget friendly are two words I could get used to paired together. I’ll let you know when I go and visit soon.

Well thanks for letting me share some random stuff with you today ;), although it isn’t really that random after all because it is the real day to day.

I appreciate each of you and so glad you visited today!!




Hello Friends and what a fun week! Thanks so much for visiting with me as I shared some spring ideas with you for all things “home”. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please feel welcome to link up your recent projects and recipes down below and enjoy all the wonderful inspiration! Have a great weekend ¬†all…

Spring Napkin Rings – Free Printable

Spring Home Tour 2017


Spring Home Tour
Spring Printable

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Spring Home Tour – Entryway and Family Room

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Cereal box planter

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Forcing Branches to Bloom

Hello and welcome back all! I have been so excited for today as I am joining some incredible friends for the Cozy Spring Home Tours – hosted by the very talented Rachel at Shades of Blue Interiors and co-hosted by Country Living Magazine! A big thank you to HomeGoods for providing gift cards that were used to purchase some of the decor in this post.

Joining these ladies on this tour and having you over to our home is a total honor. One I do not take lightly… I look forward to these opportunities to share with you and truly hope you leave feeling encouraged, intrigued and inspired. Country Living Magazine online is sharing an article with some spring inspiration from these tours too.

(Round Decorative Sculpture, Basket Tray and Wooden Tray are from HomeGoods)

I am going to take you through most of the rooms in our home and share some simple tips on how I like to dress it for the season of spring. It is such a cheerful season and one of promise. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, activities are slowly shifting to the outdoors and the days are getting longer! Need I say more, it is delightful!

And just like any season, it is equally as fun to prepare for when making “home”. Firstly, I like to¬†use as many vases or containers¬†(unconventional works) as I can and fill them with greenery. Nothing says spring more to me than blooms and greens! ¬†As seen here I took this HomeGoods decorative sculpture and pushed a bit of faux eucalyptus/lilacs inside. Since they are faux this also eliminates the need for water.

Layering¬†trays can give dimensional/textural interest¬†to the space too. I don’t worry about styles in these cases and just use shapes or materials that are fun, like the hexagon tray with the lighter weaved tray. The basket weave lightens things up for the airy season.

I used more color in this tour than I normally do and really LOVED it… Use color to promote the crisp and bright notion of spring,¬†even when you have a neutral palette. I added some muted pinks and blues to the sofa with HomeGoods’ pillows and let the patterns dance around together. Because the colors are soft, the patterns could be playful without competing.

Keep Baskets lying around as they give texture and “speak spring” with lighter materials and fun designs.

(Patterned Pillow and Basket from HomeGoods)

I don’t worry about what I am filling them with as I know a toy or book will find it’s way in there. Or even a pillow, ha!

As you leave our family room here you will step across the sunroom into our dining room.

This is easily the favorite room in our house for so many reasons. One of which is that spring is most vividly seen here through the walls of windows.

To enhance the season, fill the space with like-minded flowers. Noted in the beginning, I am using all my “favorites”, even here arranged in a bowl (tutorial) and keeping the flowers displayed as if they were clipped from my yard. Even though lilacs will not bloom until May, they are one of the very best! And when they do… I display them in every room for their fragrance and beauty. While these pictured are mostly faux, they seem more real when grouped and repeated throughout the rooms because that is what I would do if I had a gorgeous tree ready to clip outside my window ;).

Mix and match dishes. This is an inexpensive way to change up the look of your servingware without having to buy a whole new set. I used pink plates with organically striped bowls and classic napkins from HomeGoods. Much like the pillows, the colors are muted but just the right touch for these sweet months.

From this dining space you step straight into our hardworking kitchen…

Sometimes it is a great idea to empty your shelves and unload them, just to reload them with much less. I did this with my white HomeGoods’ dishware and then I filled another one of their serving bowls with blossoming potted plants. I just plopped them in there with their containers so I could pull them out and water them easily. Lightening up spaces can feel so refreshing during this season of renewal.

Treats and refreshments whether eaten or sipped, are always a good idea any time of year. 

(White Vase and Modern Cloche from HomeGoods)

These jam hand pies are sitting pretty and hoping to be indulged. Having things out and ready can make guests feel welcome. Nor do they have to be homemade… I tried to make this festive Rose Bundt Cake for the post and it was a terrible fail – so I grabbed these from the freezer and no one cared where they came from ;). They were all gone by the time I finished photographing.

Those same lilacs are making the spaces cohesive and were easily gathered in a fruit inspired vase (or maybe artichoke inspired I should say… lol?!

(Hanging vase from HomeGoods)

As we leave the kitchen you will land right in front of our bedroom.

While I keep this room mostly white and bright, this time I decided to rethink bright and add bold pops of color and pattern. 

Earlier I talked about introducing muted tones and yes do that, but also don’t be afraid to make some statements. Pillows are such an easy way to try this out… I found that blue and coral pillow at HomeGoods which happened to make a perfect mix with the¬†pillows I was already using.

And for one final room – I had to give a look at our daughter’s space…

(Pink tassel blanket from HomeGoods)

I couldn’t resist the tassels and pink on this blanket… I still continue to layer textiles but keep them lighter in weight.¬†Spring warms up throughout the season, so while I love the chunky knits I choose to cycle those out for a bit and replace them with cottons to mimic the feeling of the year.

Friends I hope you enjoyed today and that these tips have given you some ideas or encouragement for decorating this season. Again thank you SO very much for visiting, I appreciate these opportunities and each and every one of you!

You will find the entire tour listed here below for your enjoyment…

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*HomeGoods provided gift cards for products used within this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

Good Morning friends and welcome here today, oh I am so happy to have you back this week! This week is all about Spring and today I am joining my talented friends again to share a collection of free printables… Each printable is created by some amazing bloggers, all of which can be found at the end of this post. Thank you to Kristen from Ella Claire for organizing these tours – it is always such a treat!

Last week I shared a set of jewel toned Easter Egg Prints and this time around I went with watercolor as well.

I made something I hope you can enjoy at your next brunch, tea, picnic or party.

I love the idea of coordinating accessories at the table that give a pop of color and add some whimsy to the setup.

These simple paper napkin rings do just that and they are lovely for this time of year. Each one has a varying print or floral painted on it.

Flowers are one of the very first things that come to mind when thinking of spring. They are so very beautiful and fragrant; they can dress up our homes in so many ways. I feel the same when thinking of this sweet season and the color pink. So I combined those very two elements for some napkin rings…

These little rings are an easy DIY, all you will need to do is cut out each strip.

Wrap it around your rolled napkin and tape on the back!

They are an great way to dress up any “Spring” themed event and they can be discarded after the fact or remade again for another occasion.

I have attached a couple pages for you to download and enjoy. Each page contains a variety (and some repeats) of the differing prints as I was unable to fit all on one single page =).

Thank you so much for being here and don’t forget to go and see all the other beautiful creativity down below! I have another fun post to share tomorrow and I hope you will be back to visit! Thank you so much you all~

Spring Napkin Rings 1

Spring Napkin Rings 2

French May Day Flower Cones by Ella Claire | Floral Envelope Liners by Boxwood Avenue | Spring Bunny Cards by Julie Blanner | Spring Flowers in Watering Can by Live Laugh Rowe | Spring Bird by Craftberry Bush

Spring Napkin Rings by Zevy Joy | There are Always Flowers by Clean and Scentsible | Nest Watercolor by Finding Silver Pennies | Watercolor Vegetables by My Someday in May | Spring Farmer’s Market by Nest of Posies

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Vintage Rose Fortune Cookie by Paint Me Pink | Spring is Sure to Follow by Nina Hendrick Design Co. | The Rose Song Lyrics Chalkboard by TIDBITS | Perhaps Today by Unskinny Boppy | Watercolor Tulips by Refresh Restyle

Spring Flowers Silver Platters by So Much Better with Age | I Must Have Flowers by Shades of Blue Interiors | Set of Spring Floral Printables by Just Destiny

Hello friends, hope that your week has been good! We seem to be playing catch up around here and it has made things a bit slower on the blog… Looking forward to next week when I can share some more fun things with you all, till then enjoy the beautiful inspiration here. Please feel free to link up your recent projects and recipes down below. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home.

Watercolor Easter Eggs Free Printable

thisweekNew cabinets in dining room
Free Easter Printable
Easy Spring Centerpiece
Spring Tablescape

FREE Easter Printable + More : Homemade Coffee Truffles

Family Room Reveal
Breakfast Nook Plans

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Painting Simply White in the Dining Room


Kitchen Reveal by Starfish Cottage

Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

Hello all and welcome today as I join some incredible friends that are sharing a combination of 29 FREE printables today. I love seeing how these talented bloggers create and make beautiful posts – it is truly inspiring. Make sure to check out each one and a big thank you to our host Kristen at Ella Claire!

Today’s theme was Easter and of course pretty jewel colored Easter Eggs came to mind… One of the things I love about participating in these fun posts is that it pushes me to do more art and play around with things I often let slide. In the past I have used a computer paint program, acrylic paints, color pencils and this time was watercolor =). Because watercolors just seemed fitting when making an Easter Egg, as when we color eggs we dip them in the water and the dye dances around the egg. Mimicking this same look seen here in this free printable.

And like printables past, I wanted to create something that was versatile. Today’s sweet eggs do just that.

They can be used simply in a frame as seen here atop a desktop…

Or they could be sized down and turned into a colorful banner…

A cover for a thoughtful Easter Card,

Or a series of wall prints. Whatever you may choose these are something I hope you may enjoy!

I loved creating these and am always flattered when you come here to visit, thank you so much!

You can download each colored egg down below and here is the entire group of beautiful printables for you to go and enjoy!

Pink Egg

Green Egg

Blue Egg

Jewel Pink Egg

29 Free Easter Decor Printables

Watercolor Bunny Ears Cake by Ella Claire | By His Wounds We are Healed Cherished Bliss |

Watercolor Bunny by Finding Silver Pennies | Vintage Easter Printable Town and Country Living

29 Free Easter Decor Printables

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29 Free Easter Decor Printables

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Watercolor Happy Easter Banner by The Happy Housie | He is Risen by My Someday in May

29 Free Easter Decor Printables

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Happy Easter Banner by Happy Happy Nester | Boho Spring by Jennifer Rizzo

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29 Free Easter Decor Printables

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29 Free Easter Decor Printables

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Happy Easter by Bunny Print by Refresh Restyle | He is Risen Egg Filler Tidbits

29 Free Easter Decor Printables

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Happy Thursday all! This week has come and nearly gone already. Where does the time go?! I shared our kitchen with some spring touches. I found some Parrot Tulips at a special market in our neighborhood and I couldn’t pass them up for sharing =). Here is what has been going on with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below! Have a great weekend!

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