Hello friends and welcome to The Inspiration Gallery! This week I shared a simple Wooden Flower Box DIY and here is what has been happening with my friends Lucy at Craftberry Bush and Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers. Please feel free to link up your recent projects/recipes down below as well. Have a great weekend all!

DIY Wooden Flower Box


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Hello there friends, hope you are well and Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Flowers have been on my mind as has spring. The two so beautifully go together and the simplicity of it all is what I find to be so enchanting.  The other day I looked out our daughters window who has a fragrant lilac tree outside. I surveyed the tree over and over looking for the littlest sign of growth. After some more looking, I found it and I was surprised at how happy to sight of teeny tiny buds forming made me. Flowers are on the way!  Displaying flowers throughout your home is one of the most wonderful and inexpensive ways to change your decor and add extravagant pops of color throughout. So today I wanted to share this easy DIY Wooden Flower Box I made that was also inspired by this gorgeous one I saw on Terrain.

It is more of an indoor flower box that can be used for faux flowers or can have vases with water placed inside. Either way, it would look lovely atop your tables or sitting by a window.

Here is how you can make one if you would like…

You will need:

  • A wooden crate (I used this older one I had from a project that I made last year over at Craftberry Bush). I still really enjoyed this crate with chicken wire, but also loved how long this crate was and since I had it on hand already – I decided to reuse this project for repurposing reasons.
  • Clamps
  • Wood Glue
  • 1/4 (give or take) wood pieces cut to the length and width of original  crate. (Please note, practice safety when using tools). I was able to find this wood at our local craft store.
  • Wax, stain or paint. I kept mine unfinished as that was the look I was hoping for but you could use these beautifully for another look.

Here is how you will assemble the wooden box:

  • Begin by applying glue all over the surface you will be adhering the sized wood piece to. Make sure to follow and abide by all guidelines/instructions with whatever glue you may be using.

  • Next, press down the wood piece to the crate and clamp it in place until it dries.

  • Continue to move around the entire crate until it has been covered by the 4 pieces of wood. Once the glue has completely dried you can remove the clamps.

And that is how easy this project is!

I have used it a couple times already… You may have seen it first here.

Truth is, the box works simply as all the flowers do the talking, they are the statement.

I plan to use it for many more arrangements and throughout the home.

I hope you have enjoyed this little bit of floral fun today ;)…

Thank you very much for being here and I hope that the rest of your week is lovely all!


Hello friends and happy Thursday! For this week’s, The Inspiration Gallery please feel welcome to link up your recent projects and recipes down below. We have some fun projects coming up that I can’t wait to share about, but until then I showed a few little updates around here and how to make a faux olive tree. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Have a great weekend all!

Some Fun Things and Little Updates…

How To Make a Faux Olive Tree 

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Valentine Craft Party

Hello all and welcome back today… I am sharing with you an updated favorite DIY of mine that I think will be very current for what will continue to be showing up in homes this coming year. Olive trees are beautiful and lately I have repeatedly heard that they will be the new “it” plant of the year ;). Whether this is true or not, they are classic and look lovely in any style of home. So of course I wanted to share how you can make one yourself!

Growing up, we had a large beautiful olive tree in our backyard with a garden full of sweet smelling roses. It sure is funny how projects can stir up such fond memories! I never realized how fortunate we were to have had this beauty right there in our backyard and how much I would enjoy the chance to walk through that magical garden one more time…

It keeps me yearning for those lovely reminders of childhood and a tree of our own; yet it just continues to be outside of our means to buy a real olive tree (plus I am a little afraid it wouldn’t survive with my indoor green thumb, lol). So here is how I went about making one and here is how you can too…

Follow these simple steps…


  • You will need faux olive branches (I used 5), masking tape, brown floral tape, floral foam (I used a half sphered shape), wooden dowels (sized similarly to the branch stems), a bucket or pot and dark stone granules (I was able to find this at the craft store).
  • First, you will use your masking tape to bunch and hold all the stems together. I varied the positions, placing some branches higher than others.
  • As you continue to tape the stems together you will add the wooden dowels to the end lengths of the stems. This will lengthen/support the branches so that you can make them into a tree trunk. Finish taping around both the stems and the dowels all the way to the end.
  • Trim off the ends of the dowels so that they are pointed and can easily pierce the floral foam. I was able to do this with scissors and it does not need to be perfectly even. I think this helps keep the dowels planted into the foam a bit better.
  • Take your brown floral tape and tightly wrap it around the masking tape (covering it all). This tape is sticky as you handle it and it grasped the masking tape perfectly.
  • Position your half sphered floral foam and carefully push it into your bucket or pot. I was able to use a bucket I already had that fit the shape perfectly. You should be able to cut it down though if you didn’t have a perfect fit.
  • Pierce the foam with your newly formed trunk (using the pointed dowels). Push it in far enough so that it holds secure.
  • You will cover the foam with the dark stone granules so as to create the illusion of dirt. As a reminder, you will want to be careful as this is messy and something you would not want pets or children getting into if it is sitting on the floor.
  • After the fact, I decided to trim the leaves so they appeared more narrow and realistic. This is optional but if you look closely you may be able to see how the look more slim.

There you have it! This was simple, cost half the price or more and I am really enjoying the finished result.  I hope you will too!

As always, there are many ways to vary this project. I think it would be wonderful to use faux cherry blossom branches or at Christmas time, make a simplified version of a Christmas tree…

A tree or topiary of this nature fills a space without needing much more. Paired next to a chair and some old books it makes the perfect combination.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you will enjoy this project as much as I did. I have plans for some future summer lemon trees too =)…

*This “DIY Faux Olive Tree” post was also shared on Craftberry Bush March 21, 2016 – photos have been updated since then.


Hello friends! I’m joining you here today to share some “little” bits of news and updates from behind the scenes at our place (or things that you may see if you visit me on Instagram).

I hope that you all had a good weekend. Ours was extended by the surprise of a snow day. You can never start a Monday wrong by getting the day off when you weren’t expecting it ;)… Here are my sweeties enjoying the view and we had the best time playing in it for a bit and then staying warm inside.

I love flowers, I really do. And I love them even more when they are a surprise bouquet from my hubby. And while he does do this from time to time, the other day he decided to go with blinds instead of blooms. We had been saving up for them for a while and this was such a treat coming home to his thoughtfulness (not to mention, the fact that he did it all without me knowing). My guy knows me well and he is my very best match in so many ways!

Here’s a little peek at a DIY I plan to share with you later this week. And a little hint… it is faux (as usual) and was so easy to do! Stay tuned…

Lastly, I had the complete honor of being published in part of Artful Blogging’s (by Stampington) latest edition released this February.

This magazine is full of beautiful inspiration by so many talented bloggers. When they reached out, I had to pinch myself over the idea that they would put our story in their pages.

It is with such a grateful and humble heart I share this news with you and if you would like to check it out, you can find it available today… A big thank you to Artful Blogging for including me in this lovely edition!

As always, thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting us as I share our lives with you! Have a wonderful week ahead friends!


Hello Friends and welcome! Please link up your recent projects and recipes down below and enjoy all the inspiration… This week I shared a simple DIY Fringed Pillow and here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home!

An Inspired DIY Fringed Pillow


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Hello friends and welcome back! This week felt like it flew and it was a good one! I got a little time to refuel and if I’m being honest, I struggle with doing that sometimes. I love taking care of those around me and forget that I have to take good care of me too – so this week was definitely good for my soul!

Now onto this sweet project… Earlier this year I came across this pillow at Urban Outfitters and I loved it. It had my favorites – texture + neutrals! It wasn’t in the budget, so I went to making my own version.

Here is how easily you can make one as well! You will need:

  • Fringe Trim (amount will depend on what size pillow you use)
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine (but you could do this by hand with needle and thread instead if you wanted)
  • Sewing Pins
  • Scissors
  • Pillow Cover

Here is how you will make the cover…

  • Layout the fringed trim facing out. And then begin cutting to size…

  • As you cut, make sure to also pin so that it stays in place. I separated the three rows of trim on each side about an inch from the beginning and end (as seen above).

  • Carefully sew down the edge of the trim (stitching and back stitching at the beginning and end).

There you have it!

It makes such a fun statement for a low cost.

I have moved it all over our house but it has been my favorite in Everly’s room lately.

Mixing a little bit of elegance with organic texture is always a good idea!

I hope you enjoyed this easy project and maybe you will try it out yourself one day too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I always appreciate it~


Hello friends and happy Thursday! This has been a week focused on Valentine’s Day and I shared some fun ways to get ready for this sweet holiday. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below as well! I am always amazing and inspired by your talent and creativity!

Holiday Entertaining Blog Tours – Valentine’s Day

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Hello friends and I am so happy to have you back for another Valentine’s Day Post. This time I have joined some blogging friends to share 11 different ways to throw a Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party. If you are coming here from Summer over at She Leaves a Little Sparkle – welcome! I am sure you left her place seeing all the creativity and prettiness she shares…

The kiddos and I got to work on a fun little celebration. I made this fairly simple because truthfully that is how I would throw a little get together with their friends/mommies. We all just love being together and the focus is on the company. Plus kids see the beauty in everything don’t they!? Of course we were the only ones at this party because it’s not officially Valentine’s Day – but it gives you the idea ;).

We gathered in our small kitchen (you can see just how tiny it is with all of us cooking in a corner here, lol!) and started the main course.

For a sweet celebration like this I think easy is best when it comes to the main meal. We took a large heart cookie cutter and thawed out frozen pizza dough, making heart shaped pizzas. This of course could be part of the festivities with a group of kids. You could have the toppings set out and let everyone dress their own personal pizza.

Next we baked up our favorite donut recipe and dipped them in icing.

Then we eagerly decorated each donut with our favorite sugars and sprinkles. With these little ones of mine, you can never have enough sugar!

Just like the mini heart pizzas decorating donuts is another fun way to get everyone involved. It may be sticky, but all of this cooking/baking requires little fuss and the result is perfect!

Now onto the table…

We put felt pocket hearts on every place setting, either hung behind each chair or on the bench. These were purchased at Target and the larger felt hearts at Hobby Lobby (I glued individual pieces together with hot glue to make a pocket).

Flowers that we already had on hand were set in a row of vases. The black and white was a fun contrast to the reds.

Craft store plates and paper doilies sat atop large square chargers. I wanted everything to be natural and neutral (big surprise ;)! So I used these inexpensive wood utensils, dollar mini milk glasses and paper straws. Again anything purchased was from dollar bins or sale craft items.

It was quick to put together and my Zealand/Everly loved helping out.

For a little extra special touch I wrapped empty notecards with pencils so that the kids could each write kind notes and drop them into their heart pockets for one another.

Here you can see the tender expressions on their faces as they get ready to feast at our party…

Holding off on the donuts until after pizza was a stretch, but they we were all able to do it =).

I treasure these moments with my kids, I really do and I know how fast they are going. I can sense the pace they speed ahead too.

While fancy is pretty (you may have seen my grown up table here from a couple days ago) simple is wonderful as well. Again, it’s the memories and the experiences of time together that are priceless.

Every excited giggle over sticky donuts and heart shaped anything makes me smile.

I hope you enjoyed this get together today and maybe found some inspiration on something you may choose to do too. As always, thank you so much for being here with me. Please make sure to head over to Courtney at A Thoughtful Place. I have followed Courtney’s blog for a long time and I admire all that she so beautifully does! The rest of the tour is listed below for your enjoyment!

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Holiday Entertaining Spring logo

Hello friends and welcome today to a beautiful set of tours hosted by Lory at Designthusiasm as a part of the Holiday Entertaining Blog Tours – Valentines Day! If you are visiting here from my creative and talented friend, Kristen at Ella Claire – thank you so much and I am thrilled to have you!

I was really excited for this tour because I love sharing different table and entertaining ideas as the year rotates around the festive holidays. This was especially fun today to make the table romantic and chic. I wanted something that suited my casual style but was special for this “love” holiday.

As I was pulling out all the elements, I thought that there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to use our wedding China dishes than now. They are special in design and fit for an elegant table.

Anyhow, I started wiping down our fine dishes and separating them. Originally I had planned on setting the entire table for 6, but when I couldn’t find the complete set of dishes (oops…) I went with a table for two! ha!

After all, my vision was to make a pretty spread and this was even better because it would be set for the hubby and I to enjoy on our date night. Of course it would be spent at home as the kiddos would be asleep and this would be our typical way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I think it is just perfect that way ;).

I’m still not sure where the rest of the dishes are and they must be tucked safely away in a box somewhere… Regardless, the missing dishes allowed me to share what our table would really look like for our exclusive dinner.

I recently made over this long crate I had (pictured above and DIY coming soon) and filled it with Roses, Dusty Miller and (my fav) varieties of Eucalyptus.

Like most of my arrangements, I wanted it to be free flowing, organic and droopy in places as the weight of real flowers would fall… Did I mention these are all faux flowers?

(Naples Rattan Chair from Grandin Road)

With a tight budget, I decided to use a Christmas Gift Card (from my generous Mother – in Law – thank you so much MIL!) at JoAnn’s and buy these pretty florals instead. Combined with what I already had at home (plus a little real seeded eucalyptus) they made the perfect arrangement.

I also purchased these unfinished candlesticks for less than a couple dollars a piece and spread them all around the flowers. It was a fun dramatic effect with the differing heights of candlesticks.

Even though real flowers are such a delight – these faux ones did just the trick and were an indulgence atop my table.

Paired with vibrant fruit colors, the table felt like it was set back in time, almost a period piece (I have been watching some shows from the history channel lately and it made me think maybe I channeled my inner historian for this decor today – lol)…

The unfinished candlesticks and warm wood tray offset the romantic flare of the fanciful roses too and that is kinda how I like to do things around here ;).

In all truth and beauty, I would have to move the centerpiece during our date night so that the hubby and I could actually talk face to face but you get the idea of what a fun statement it would make for this time of year.

Candlelight was just the icing on the cake… *Please note, that faux flowers are flammable and you should not light real fire next to them. 

Flickering lights makes everything better, don’t they?!

Even my kiddos insisted on dinner at the “flower” table and had the best time. So although I set this in thoughts of my husband and I, this could be perfect for any special occasion with any group of people.

I hope you enjoyed today and that you are leaving a little inspired for some table settings you may be entertaining with.

Thank you so much for stopping by and please don’t forget to head over to my very talented friend Jennifer at Town and Country Living. Everything she does is lovely! Here is the entire list of today’s tour below and in addition we have included Monday’s tour for you to enjoy!


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