Welcome back to The Inspiration Gallery! This week I shared how to put a patio together and how a little blue paint transformed our bedroom! Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and with Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please do link up your recent projects and recipes down below and be inspired by all the talent shared! Have a great weekend all!

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Hey Friends! So today’s post is a fun one that was brought on last moment (last week) by this Instagram picture I shared of our bedroom. I have really enjoyed all the neutrals in our home but for some reason when I kept looking at this photo it felt desperate for an anchor of sorts. My eye kept going to the foot of the bed and I was craving something that was a little bolder. I didn’t want to go and buy something brand new as this bench is wonderful but I also knew it needed a change. And that change was blue, rather navy blue!

And here you can see a pretty similar shot with the updated bench and change that I had been craving. While the white bench works beautiful and there is not one thing wrong with it (again in my opinion ;)… this bolder bench really draws your eye across the room and makes the white linens pop. More over I have said this before, but I am having such fun mixing ALL the neutral tones together – white, cream, black, navy etc… They really make a pleasing composition when put in the same place.

Here is how I came to this exact blue and it was not love at first sight (or paint stroke – lol)…

I ran one afternoon to grab this chalk paint with a craft coupon. I knew that I wanted something of a darker blue, more of a navy and this was the closest I could find. I thought I would just throw a coat on and go from there.

Well let’s just say my kiddos walked in from playing outside to this on the floor and they were ecstatic. They said it was the prettiest blue and they were SO surprised I was using color, haha!

It confirmed my decision that we needed blue, but it also confirmed my decision that this was not the blue I had envisioned. It is a pretty color just not as dark as I was needing. I usually can stay pretty calm through the artistic process of things but this time I will admit I was a little nervous I was going to be able to pull the color out that I wanted.

Back to the drawing board, I ran again to the craft store and got a rich black paint. I knew that I could mix that in and it would mute/darken the blue to the proper tone.

And sure enough it did! I would say I mixed about half of the blue with not quite maybe 1/3 of the rich black paint to arrive here. I mixed little by little until I found this color. The second coat was on in less than an hour.

Making this such an easy project with big impact.

I finished the bench with a soft varnish and called it good!

I purposely chose to leave the bench and not take it a step further with distressing or sanding. So it is kinda fun to see how chalk paint looks this way instead of weathered.

This whole project gets me excited for blue and the idea of blue painted furniture. It is such a wonderful feature color, but if you aren’t ready for that it is perfect as an accent as seen here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and see you at The Inspiration Gallery tonight!

Hello friends! Hope each of you are well and I appreciate you visiting with me today! I have partnered with Wayfair for this fun patio post! I am showing this front little patio of ours and how I decorated it in three separate phases, each with different price points and accessories too.

Before I go into all of that, I thought it may be interesting to show you an empty spaced “before” photo… It is a quaint little spot that we use when the kids are playing in the front with friends, riding bikes or as an overflow for when we have many visitors at our small home. Many years ago, we tore down a little wall here at the front door and created this open space. We planted a small crab apple tree along the wall that has grown quite large over the last (nearly) decade and when it blossoms there is nothing like it.

Tyler and I leveled the ground, laid the large stepping stones and then planted the low growing moss. Of course it could use some more work, but suits us just fine :). So when we had the opportunity to spruce it up a bit, I jumped at the idea to get creative and have a good time with it.

As I go through the process, I am going to share how we took it from an empty space and filled it with furnishings, accessories and then pots with greenery/flowers. Each step totaling around $500 dollars, but looking great on its own or added together as I specify below.

Phase One: Furnishings

I chose this simple set to start because it came as a conversation set with fantastic details. All by itself it really draws attention without overdoing it. The clean lines work well for any style and add a little modern detailing too. I wanted to make sure and throw in some garden stools with varying size (please note – I did spray paint the shorter stool as I ended up wanting it a matte cream so this is not the original color). These are excellent to invest in because they can be moved around as side tables, coffee tables, extra seating and so much more! Plus, they inexpensively break up a matching set to make it look interesting. The great thing about all of this is that it is a wonderful way to start a patio and accessorize later too. Seating and tables are the foundation – the most important thing to have!

Here are the furnishings seen up above:

Fontana 4 Piece Seating Group with Cushions

Ceramic Stool by Cole and Grey

Larry Rattan Wicker Garden Stool

Step 2: Accessories

Accessories make things a bit brighter, bolder and fill the space with texture. You can never go wrong with a number of pillows and mix up the patterns. Again, the idea is to change it all up. Soft blankets such as these seen above with tassels and fringe make the space inviting and cozy. A festive rug brings the space in making it all connect and easier for bare feet. Another thing I like to think about when choosing outdoor accessories is to pick things that can double indoors because you are also doubling your investment. All the stools, textiles, etc can be made to look great inside the house as well. We get a lot of rain around where I live so this is something I ALWAYS keep in mind ;)…

Here are the accessories seen up above:

Smetana Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows 

Valley Talk Burlap Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows

El Durado Burlap Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows

Eggshell Weymouth Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows

Cream Europa Throw Blanket 

Waffle Weave Design Throw

World Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Step 3 – Pots and Greenery/Flowers

To finish everything off you can add pots with greenery and flowers. I love how adding colorful blooms and vibrant greens really liven up the space. It also encloses the space making it really feel like an enchanted area or garden. These quality pots of differing size and finish help bring height to the area as well.

Here are the Pots/Planters seen up above:

Valencia Composite Pot Planter

Cosmopolitan Plastic Pot Planters 

Alpine White Crescent Garden Resin Pot Planter 

Weathered Terracotta Crescent Garden Resin Pot Planter 

2 – Piece Tuscany Faceted Cachepots Ceramic Pot Planter Set 

This outdoor location of our home really is teeny tiny so it is possible to create something beautiful anywhere – it truly is!

Working with the details of your home and making them shine.

The pinks play off each other and the blue/black prints feel bold against the feminine tones/patterns. I am enjoying the fun designs on all of these comfy pillows!

As the weather has warmed up we are finding so much joy in the sweet outdoors.

Having cozy spots to curl up, listen to birds, breath in fresh air.

This year more than ever for some reason, I have really craved being outside and have found delight in making spaces just like this.

Taking in all the special details of home both inside and out.

Making it a safe and comfortable place to have memories, make mistakes, to learn, to grow and to do everything in between.

I hope this serves some inspiration as we enter into the summer season as you may be getting your spaces ready too. I humbly share all these things with you and always do appreciate you find the time to join me here!

A big thank you to Wayfair for partnering with me on this project and providing the pieces seen above. All opinions are 100% my own.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! Enjoy the inspiration down below and please feel welcome to link up your recent projects and recipes as well!

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Happy Friday all! I don’t normally post on Friday’s, but I have been hard at work on this room and wanted to share it before letting another weekend go by… Today I am sharing it as part of the Small Spaces Series that I have been doing here on the blog. Basically I am going through most of the rooms in our smaller home and sharing how we utilize these spaces to the best of their capabilities.

Today’s focus is on our Formal Living Room, rather it is a multi-purpose room. It is a living space, a small office area and it is also a guest room when necessary. You may remember we had a DIY sofa here originally (that we used for many years), but we recently changed it out to a sleeper sofa that we received from Wayfair. And this new sofa is an important part of the room so I can’t wait to show more!

When thinking about a room that is used for a variety of purposes there a  few things to consider and tips I would give from my experience. First –

Decorate the room and enjoy it!

Just because a room may need to serve as an office and or a living space doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Over time I have had so much fun making this room a place that we can relax and discovering the tone for the entire space. Of course it is still a work in progress, but it is getting there ;)…

Use compact pieces and your walls…

As seen here, we have a wall that is part of our hallway. Last summer I transformed the wall by having it house a desk and a convertible desk (which I love). The hanging desk folds out and gives us plenty of room to work. But when it isn’t needed I can tuck it away.

Our family is able to use every inch of this room by making it work this way and I wouldn’t change anything about this wall to this day! It was the best choice ever.

On a more personal note, my littlest is heading to school full time next year which means a new season for all of us (and maybe some big tears from me here and there). As I started designing this room I really tried to make it a place I can look forward to being as we approach a new school year. I will be pursuing my passions (as the kiddos head to schoo)l and I’m not totally sure what that will look like as of now… But I hope that this room will be a place I can enjoy “work”. While I am not ready to let go of this season at home everyday with my girl, I am trying to embrace the change as it approaches and be excited for us all.

Make spaces work for you and not the other way around.

Again, I know I have said that before, but I will keep repeating it. Don’t worry too much about all of the rules when it comes to decorating and just fit in what you need. Sure having an office wall in our front living room is a little silly but it suits us. It makes the house better for everyone.

Use convertible furniture.

This is probably the most important tip for our room here.

(Please note we did change the legs on this sleeper as I wanted to add height – be advised this effects the way the bed will pull out though too – we were able to work around it with some DIY magic).

We now have the pretty Sarah Sleeper Sofa from Wayfair in (Classic Bleach White) that will sit as a sofa full time. We are enjoying it’s quality, classic lines, elegant look and all the options it provides comfortably to our family.

On the seldom occasion that we have guests, it can easily and comfortably fold out into a cozy guest bed.

Now our living room is a spare room for family and friends! Or like seen above an office with a hanging cabinet that blends into the wall and coverts into extra table space.

Use versatile and interchangeable pieces of furniture.

Much like the convertible furniture, versatile pieces are key.

(Rachel Ottoman and Dana Side Table from Grandin Road)

I moved in some of my recent Addison Slipper Chairs from Grandin Road so I could have a coffee table or a side table.

(Addison Slipper Chairs from Grandin Road)

These pieces, including the chairs can quickly and effortlessly be moved around when the room changes as well.

Have furniture that also works as storage.

We have had that chest in our family for years and I intend  to keep it for many more. It holds all of my crafting supplies and adds some charm to the room. I like to display simple things atop and keep everything light and fresh.

First a living room, then an office and sometimes a guest room… this little space works very hard for us and we appreciate it. Sure these could be three separate rooms in a different house, but we work with what we have and it is just right. Looking at these tricky or small spaces can be fun and you may be shocked at what you will find. How you can make them function and be surprised how little space you really do need! I hope it encouraged you today and that you may leave with some good ideas…

A big thank you to Wayfair and Grandin Road for the furniture/accessories as we completed this room. All opinions are 100% my own.


Hello all and welcome to The Inspiration Gallery! I shared this very simple hanging planter DIY if you are interested in trying it out…Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below, lots of beautiful inspiration from each and every one of you!

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Hello there friends! I hope that you have been well. This has been a quiet week for us as we have been prepping or finishing projects and I kinda feel like I have 3 things going, but not quite ready to share them all yet ;)… Tomorrow I am hoping to share a room that I have been keeping quiet for a while. I will be excited to show you soon! Anyhow, today I wanted to pop in quickly and talk about this very easy and inexpensive DIY I am using outdoors. It is a DIY Hanging Flower Basket and the best part is I found most of my supplies at the Dollar Store!

I have been wanting one of the huge floral baskets I keep seeing all over but they run 30-50 dollars and instead I was able to make these for a fraction of the price!

Here is what you will need to make one… 

  • A sheet of moss (available at most craft stores).
  • Dollar store flowers and a couple draping vines or ferns (I used coupons at my local craft stores for these).
  • Metal basket with a handle to hang on a hook (this was from the dollar store).
  • Scissors or wire snips to carefully cut the faux floral stems.
  • Macrame hanging plant holder (this is optional and of course makes things more pricey, I had a couple at home already from a clearance section I found a couple weeks ago).

Here is how you will assemble your hanging basket…

  • I cut the sheet of moss in half and then cut slits in the length so that I could wrap it inside the basket.
  • I also cut a circle the size of the base of the basket to line the bottom as well.

  • I wrapped the inside so it could hide all the faux stems.

  • Then we began stuffing the basket. We made sure to spread out the draping ferns so that they would be distributed a bit.

  • Next came the flowers and I used a variety to break it up some more. All of the white flowers are from the dollar store as mentioned above.

And there you go! This took about ten minutes looks so pretty amongst the other greenery and best yet…  I don’t have to water it!

Speaking of, I had a few questions regarding these hanging wicker shelfs. They are actually shelves that I stuffed potted house plants into, but I think it is something that could easily could be done with square baskets. We just nailed them in to our siding which was wood, not vinyl (another inquiry ;)… Although I do wonder if those amazing command strips may do the trick on vinyl siding?! Hope that helps and thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you this afternoon for The Inspiration Gallery and then tomorrow for a room update!

(Pillows and furniture were supplied by Grandin Road Grandin Road and you can find all the info here. All opinion are 100% my own).

Hello friends and welcome to this week’s, The Inspiration Gallery! What a week! I had the very best time sharing our patio with you and could not have appreciate your sweet words more… thank you so much! Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below too! Happy almost weekend all~

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Hello sweetest friends and welcome to our home today! I am so happy to have you here, and honestly as I put this post together tonight I was feeling a bit sentimental… I have partnered with Grandin Road for this patio reveal and I am very humbled to share it with you.

You will get to see throughout this post how much fun it was putting this outdoor space together. A couple weeks ago my hubby and I sat on the floor here (while the kiddos played and helped occasionally) surrounded by boxes and began to assemble these sets. As I looked across at him, my eyes welled up with tears. I sat without many words but expressed how humbled and grateful I felt as we designed this space. If you are a little bit familiar with our story – I chose to give up stable work as a teacher to stay home here. Long story short, we lived on one income so I could spend more time with my babies. I started Zevy Joy as a way to share that journey and what it meant to us, posting budget recipes, simple projects and our house. The years have flown by and things have evolved but one thing remains… I am enjoying things that I am passionate about (decorating, photography, family, etc..)  and pinch myself (truly I do) that I am given the opportunities to share with you. We live in this small home and it isn’t particularly fancy, but it is beautiful because it is home to us. A feeling I hope is evoked each time you visit and one that I hope inspires others too as they embrace their special place – big, small, city, country, mundane, messy, fancy – for it is all extraordinary…

So without further ado, thank you for letting me show you this exciting space!

As you saw in the first photos you walk out from our laundry room/garage to this patio. I stenciled the concrete floor last year (here) so that it would look like cement tile. In addition, we have an open backyard with mature greenery, it is one of the reasons we bought this home nearly ten years ago and remains one of our favorite features to this day. Which is why we love spending time outside. The funny thing is, it has taken us all these years to really start doing anything with our outdoor spaces and gardens. This space sat unfinished and messy for a long time. Mostly it was for barbecues and sitting occasionally to enjoy those yummy meals. This winter the hubby and I decided that we would cover the patio so that it could be used more throughout the year as we get lots of wet weather where we live. Even in the last month that has clearly been one of the best decisions we have made for our house. Using every square inch of your homes is pertinent.

(Side Note: We took a couple inches off the legs of this table so the height was more appropriate for the bench seating).

It is a long narrow patio that sits down low and I have always envisioned it be a place to both lounge and dine.

Much like the inside of our homes I think it is ideal to have places to eat and to visit (when possible). So I picked a round dining table, bistro chairs and sectional seating (that serves as a bench or booth). Choosing this formation allowed a compact set up or almost a banquet styled area. It is really comfortable with the cushioned seats and all 4 of us fit around it perfectly!

I laid out a simple garden style table setting using these Melamine dishes and beautiful flatware. Gold is a pretty contrast to all the greenery around.

I really wanted the pop of black accents throughout – you will see them in the varying pillows and again these beautifully made bistro chairs.

As I mentioned, these dishes are melamine – for outdoor use servingware can still look nice without the worry of little hands accidentally dropping them on the concrete ;)… They appear and feel like the real thing, I was surprised as I pulled them out of the box!

And of course texture and pattern take over the place with their neutral tones…

Berries adorn simple angel food cake and make the scene a little more sweet!

I love to line the patio with additional greenery and pots. Things are about to bloom like crazy here, but until they do the potted florals and ferns make it look a step ahead.

Flowers anywhere, whether in a pot or on a table are fitting for any style of occasion and I couldn’t resist a big bouquet for today.

As you sit here on the cushions, you will look across to the other side of our patio as it stretches out.

The two spaces are far enough from each other, but allow conversations and visiting to be contained in this quaint area.

I am pretty excited about this seating area and am anticipating all the warm nights we will spend out here! The cushions on this interchangeable sectional are deep and they are cozy! My hubby is pretty much in love already as he is very tall and this is perfect for him ;)…

Again, I fill corners with ferns seen here and would you believe this one is faux?! It is nice and large and doesn’t need care – my kind of plant, haha. This side table provides extra seating or a place for drinks and all these geometric lanterns give off that nice ambience that feels inviting.

Whether we are entertaining or just hanging out on our own here, this set up provides so many options for either. This grand fire pit serves both as a fire pit and a coffee table/with tray. I see many fruit trays and fun dishes finding their way out here in the future!

The wicker ottoman is a great spot for feet or another spot to sit and visit.  It is fantastic when you can find pieces that can be enjoyed outside for the warmer months and then pulled in during the winter and used inside as well! It’s just another way to get the most of your money with versatile pieces.

I did mix in some indoor and outdoor pillows. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if your space isn’t covered, but since we have shelter out there I knew pillows could mingle without getting damaged.

Using reversible pillows and mixing those patterns gives interest to any space!

Blankets, hats and more are a necessity even when decorating outside. As they look wonderful, but they serve an important purpose in comfort.

Even though this was an outdoor space, I wanted it to be cozy. We brought in this rug and it is so soft to walk on. It will make bare foot afternoons that much easier and enjoyable.

I hung these wicker shelves for this same reason, while a space is outside it doesn’t have to feel empty. Adding greenery and shelving warms the area and makes it feel alive. 

I really wanted this little space to feel dreamy, be functional, pretty and comfortable!

Grandin Road made that easy with their exceptional pieces and the style of their selections. Furniture can be used in so many different ways and in varying formations. For example,  I can move these sectional pieces around – making the size smaller, shorter or pulling a chair out to the corner. Or for example, the fire pit with a tray that can be used for carrying around food and then turned over for a coffee table surface later. I have even thought about bringing the dining table over to the sectional when I want to fit a larger party.  I can’t say enough about this company, the quality and how wonderful they have been to work with!

As summer approaches and school winds down, work becomes play and this space will be an extension of our home… I treasure the thought of meals and memories out here with loved ones, watching kiddos play and run through the sprinklers, books on breezy warm days and so much more. We won’t be taking a vacation anywhere exotic but sitting back and enjoying the comfort of home. There is no place I’d rather be.

In case you would like to find any of the products they are listed here below…

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together! And a huge thank you to Grandin Road for sponsoring this post – all opinions are 100% my own.


Hello all and welcome to The Inspiration Gallery! This was a busy week sharing the reveal of our newly updated bathroom and some helpful tips when living with a small spaced kitchen. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below! Have a wonderful weekend ~

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