Hello friends! I wanted to pop in quickly and share a little bit about affordable flowers. I have been unplugging a little more than normal as we gear up for the end of our summer and the start of school for the majority of my family… This will be the first year that both of my kiddos are in school full time and to say that I am feeling the anticipation of the change is probably an understatement. I have loved being home with these sweethearts these last few years and my mama heart is feeling pretty tender.

And on another note, we added a new member to our family as well! Meet Wesley…

Wyatt is still adjusting ;), but the two are doing really well together. He has been a total joy to our crew and a lot of work, haha! But worth it all no doubt.

Now after catching you up a bit, let’s move on to the purpose of today’s post, flowers (with the addition of foliage and herbs). And even better yet, affordable options!

I do some of our shopping at Trader Joes so most times that is where I will pick up a bunch or two of pretty blooms. And more often than not, I feel as though these selections tend to be readily available (at least throughout the summer and into the early fall).

Starting with these Alstroemerias… they can be found in the most beautiful variety of colors and I can get a bouquet for under five dollars. I find them so beautiful on there own and actually am drawn to the leafy extras you will find on their stems. They remind me of a brighter and bolder seeded eucalyptus.

Carnations are another new favorite lately. Again the colors are magnificent and they are priced similarly to the alstroemeria. They have become a bathroom staple here and the last bunch made it nearly two weeks!

Eucalyptus (and any variety of this foliage) has remained my most loved filler. You just can’t beat the movement and the greenery it adds to flowers or stands on it’s own. Many times stores may have it mixed in with other green leaves.

Succulents (although this is technically not a flower ;)… They are hardy, easy to maintain and I added this potted collection to our kitchen for around seven dollars!

Basil (again not a flower, but an herb) is a fragrant addition to the kitchen and I love how it fills the space with lush leaves. Plus I can use it when cooking so it is a win-win.

I hope that these simple tips on affordable flowers/foliage may encourage you to try something new the next time you are shopping! Or maybe some of these are your favorites as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hello all and welcome to another week of The Inspiration Gallery! I recently shared this easy DIY Plant Stand and here is what has been going on with Taryn at Taryn Whiteaker and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home! Make sure to link up your recent projects and recipes down below and enjoy the inspiration!

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Hello Friends, its been over a week and it feels like I haven’t visited here in so long ;)… But I suppose that is how summer should be and I am trying to savor each minute. Of course I had to drop in with this summer project that I have been working on for a bit now though too! It is this easy DIY Plant Stand.

Now I did say that I have been working on it for a while… That is not because it is a difficult project but more because I have put play before work most days and projects like these are taking longer ;). I love greenery throughout the summer and have been attempting to keep a couple “live” plants inside, haha.

Anyhow, here is what I used to make this!

  • A small wooden tray (found at my local craft store). This could be a different shape as well.
  • Pencil
  • Squared wooden dowels (also found at the craft store). I used three since my tray was shaped into a hexagon.
  • Tape measure
  • Oscillating Tool (to cut notches into the wooden dowels)
  • Skill Saw
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps

Here is how I pieced this little DIY together…

  • I determined how high I wanted the legs of the stand to be above and below the tray and then cut off the remainder using our skill saw (as always when using power tools practice safety). There is really no right or wrong with measurements here, I just eyeballed how I wanted the stand to look and kept all three legs the same.
  • Next I measured the width and depth of the tray’s edge that I wanted to insert into the dowels. I made lines with a pencil and then used the oscillating tool to carefully cut them.
  • After all the cuts were made I put glue inside the cuts so that I could affix the tray.

  • I clamped all the legs down in place to make sure they were nice and tight. I let them sit until dry according to the glue’s directions.

  • Lastly I painted the stand with a black chalk paint. This could be any color though!

And there you have it! This really was an easy project at an affordable price. I love being able to have a real fiddle leaf tree in our house.

It may be a smaller plant, but having a stand like this gives it the illusion that is is taller.

This sweet little plant was really struggling after I changed out its pot and I am glad to say that after some wonderful suggestions over on Instagram… it is looking so much better! I hope it continues to stay strong and grow through the days.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week all!



It’s nearly the weekend and time for The Inspiration Gallery this week! Summer is in full mode here and yesterday I shared how to do the whole “glamping” thing from set up to storage and more! Here is what has been happening with Taryn Whiteaker and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home… Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below and as always be prepared for all that talented creativity! Have a wonderful weekend ahead all!

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Hello there friends – I am in serious summer mode over here and the weather has been really lovely making it that much more tempting. I finally feel myself slowing down and we have been treasuring our quality time as of late. Although we do step on each other’s toes from time to time ;), summer has been wonderful. You may recognize our camper here that I shared awhile back and I had some great questions from some of you regarding the whole set up. So today I thought I would share how we put this little getaway on wheels together as well as some tips and tricks for glamping too!

Aside from giving the pop-up some upgrades in the last few years, we have also used it enough to have learned a few things along the way.

The first being the importance of…


The camper came with a track system for the drapery and I tried a few ways of hanging curtains in the past… None of which worked well until this last reveal when we added rods.

We simply (and carefully) drilled the top of the rod support into the top of the steel curtain track and it worked out perfectly!

We used those inexpensive skinny rods you can find at almost any home improvement or decor store and made sure to add supports to the ends and middles (as seen below).

In addition, I bought some white blackout curtains (they have a nice thick liner) and cut them in half/hemmed them up. It allowed me to get twice the amount of curtains from one pair of panels. These ones that have grommets slide back and forth easily too.

We hung rods over the beds with another inexpensive curtain panel too (so that people can change/sleep and have privacy). I added a little pom trim for extra detail of course.

One of the most important pieces of glamping is convenience and convenience is coupled with storage! Making packing and stowing away a breeze is key to the whole experience.


This may look a little crazy in there, but it is actually very accessible and helpful when we take the trailer out.

You will see we have invested in smaller tupperware and plastic tubs to hold all of our necessities… literally everything.

(Please excuse the chipping paint. I am in the process of touch ups and overall it has held up great these few years; like anything else it needs some retouches though)

That way once we set up camp, it can quickly be pulled out, covered and stay put. Plus when it gets knocked around or the pop-up is in transit to its next destination, everything is contained.

Smaller tupperware is perfect for separating toiletries such as sunscreen, face wash and toothbrushes.

Therefore when everyone is exhausted at the end of the night, I quickly pull out a tub to get what I need and avoid needing to dig through a suitcase or bag.

I also have an extra set of everything for the camper. That way I am not trying to pack everything from the house each time. These tubs stay packed, get packed away until used the next trip. I need to give my hubby and his family for teaching him some of these tips as he has taught me them along the way.

Underneath the sofa there is more storage and I have these medium tubs we use in place of suitcases. Each family member gets a tub for clothing and I pack it right before we go. Again, this makes having clothes accessible in such a tight space much more doable and enjoyable.

Baskets are helpful too. Yes they are decorative and cute… but they are great to grab when needed – plus they can stay out looking pretty ;).  Above we have towels for the beach…

In this bed basket we have all kinds of games…

And then here is a faux plant over here (because it makes me happy) with books stacked inside.

Next, make EVERYTHING…


This is obvious but important. I sewed slips for the sofas out of tablecloths from the thrift store when we first got the pop up. We use them still today.

I have these bath mats on the floor which are wonderful for throwing in the wash when we are done with our trip!

Quite a few people ask how we go camping and keep it clean… well here is a little example of footprints, finger smudges, etc… that found their way on the sofa cover. I will give it a good rinse and most will come out fine, if not… no big deal! 😉

I have old blankets and pillows that were excess at our place and they fit in perfect around here (again washing machine friendly).

I know I am not the first to say the sleeping well when away is vital and even though there is no bed like your own you can have…


Our Beddy’s is the best thing that happened to our camper (no joke). It feels tidy without all the work and zips up beautifully.

Underneath the bedding you will find a couple layers. The original thin mattress that came with the camper and then we have added blow up mattresses. I can’t tell you what a difference this makes! The Beddy’s fits over all of it just fine!

Things in older campers get dirty, damaged and just plain dated. And while it isn’t a necessity by any means we redid our…


I couldn’t believe what a change this made to the whole space and how much bigger it made the camper feel. We used what we could find at our local Costco (it was click and lay laminate – no glue or tricky installation either). We still have a few places to give finishing touches with the floor still and I am ok with the imperfections for now.

Then there are the things that make such a difference or worth the extra effort of including…


We bring small fans, heaters and portable vacuums.

We even have a little toilet that stores away under the cabinet there up above. It is a absolute help in the middle of the night or very early morning.

After all, camping should be fun for everyone including this guy! We have loved the travels so far in this little sweet ride and look forward to many more. We keep saying we may get a bigger upgrade in the future, but in truth, I am smitten with this memory maker.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope this was helpful to any of you skilled campers (or new ones too!) Have a great rest of your week!



Hello sweet friends and welcome today! This week I shared some of my recent kitchen favorites and a surprising way to clean stainless steel appliances! Here is what has been going on with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please link up your recent projects and recipes down below… Enjoy all that incredible inspiration too!

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Hello friends! Hope your week has been off to a nice start. We have had lots of work and play around here. More play than work ;), but you know the occasional yard work, house cleaning, etc… And while on the topic of house cleaning I can’t wait to share some fun tips with you today (as well as some of my recent favorite finds for the kitchen too).

Lets start with the cleaning though… We have had our stainless steel kitchen appliances for about 8 years now and for the most part they are going strong. But they kinda feel like I can never keep them clean! The streaks, finger prints and water marks are endless. Thus, driving me a little nuts, haha. Anyhow, I feel like I have tried it all when it comes to cleaning  them (expensive quality cleaners, magic erasers, windex, soap/water, the list goes on…) And let me disclose too that I did NOT come up with this magic cleaning method I am about to share, but rather wanted to show it really did work for us. And while at it, I should also say – that all appliances/finishes are different, so I can’t specify whether this works for everyone. I tested a section of ours, loved the results and then went to town. O.K… are you ready for me to stop babbling and just share it already ?! 😉

Here is a real life close up of all the grime down below. Now look up above you will notice the difference! Can you see it???

And just in case you can’t believe it, here is a closer up of the fridge door (bottom = dirty and top = clean)…

Here is our drippy dishwasher too (just lots of water stains).

And here below is the clean after!

So after many attempts at clean appliances… I think I have the winning ticket. I cleaned the appliances first with my household spray to begin. But recently had remembered that olive oil had been something I used when my babies were little because it was a non toxic way to clean. I had heard the idea somewhere (again not my original idea) and used it years back. I must have thought there were better ways to clean since I stopped doing it, but now I am convinced that this is the only way for me! Funny how we can have a hold of something good and let it go for a while…

I rubbed it onto the appliances with just a paper towel and the results speak for themselves! It seems to have held up well in the past (I’m not sure about it going rancid etc…) and today when it was hot out it did seem to sweat a bit on the surface in some areas, so I just rubbed it back in and there have been no issues since.

I feel like this beaming photo above and my writing on the topic seem like an infomercial ;)… but honestly, I am giving my true opinion here and was totally tickled with the real life results. Just thought it was something fun to discuss with you all.

My hubby was in the background today as I was cleaning and later mentioned… “what was up with the olive oil”? I must have really been shouting from the rooftops to the kiddos for him to notice my excitement from the other room, haha.

Alright, on to other kitchen hacks, favorites and tips… This rack has continued to be such a help in our small kitchen and lately I have even been hanging pans there as well.

These non- stick pans from Costco are SO great for eggs and this adjustable strainer from Ikea is the best for washing fruit, draining pasta etc. It sits atop the sink without standing inside and allows you to wash large amounts of berries without dropping them everywhere.

Our homemade kitchen spray is still a favorite to this day and you can find the recipe here (that is what sits inside our jar on the counter by the way). I also am in love with a new find to me, this Thieves Cleaner!

I recently picked these pretty butterfly bush branches as they were about to go and plopped them in the sink. I had to remove some of the leaves and critters before setting them in a vase.

And just because I can’t resist, here is that shiny dishwasher one more time next to my sink of flowers ;).

Speaking of flowers my very sweet friend Kelly at My Soulful Home has written a beautiful book!

It is called, My Soulful Home – A Year In Flowers and it is about floral design; full of gorgeous images, includes 12 floral tutorials and tips on caring for flowers.

It was released today and I wanted to share with you so you could take a look at it as well, you can find it on Amazon. I am sure you will think it is as lovely as I do!

And make sure to leave me some of your favorite cleaning tips for stainless steel if you have any, I would love to hear!


Hello there friends and welcome to The Inspiration Gallery this week! I recently had the pleasure of sharing our newly updated dining room and thanks so much for your sweet words about the space! I love visiting with you all and it means so much when I get to share these fun things with you all. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Enjoy all the creative inspiration down below and don’t forget to link up your recent projects and recipes as well! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Our Dining Room Update

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Our dining room got a little update friends and I am really enjoying it! I recently had the opportunity to partner up with Wayfair and try out their “View In Room” feature available on their app. I had the best time playing around with different decor ideas and this feature couldn’t be easier to use! Up above you will see our dining room before any changes were made. Even though our gathering spot was wonderful, I was thrilled to get to make some additions that I have been waiting to do and this was the perfect opportunity.

Down below I showed how I took the app and photographed different pieces into our actual space. This reminds me of the fancy software/programs available that allow you to arrange furniture in photos, except this is extremely user friendly! You search desired items from Wayfair on their app and then click on “view in room”. Within seconds that piece of furniture or lighting appears on your phone positioned in your space! Allowing you to see just how it would look.

Here is how I changed up our dining room and made plans to do so using this feature…

First, I found a bench from their selection and looked at it in our space.

You can even try it in different angles!

Then I knew I wanted a new chandelier for our spot, so I simply photographed it in place of our current one. Even though our old one was still hanging atop, I could still position the updated one over it and get a good idea of what it was going to look like. This is an authentic real life photo here with dog toys, cups, legos, lint roller and instruments – ha (keeping it real for you all)! This is just another great example of how easy this Wayfair app is as there is no need to rearrange everything to make it work well.

Here I got a visual for a large potted plant…

And lastly, a rug to finish the space off. Although I couldn’t show the rug exactly how it would look on our floor and under the furniture, it was still helpful in giving me an idea of color, layering, texture etc…

Now are you ready for the room all put together and in real life…?!

You can see all four of the items I chose in the room here and how they work together.

I created the design with a variety of styles and wanted an eclectic feel…

The blue rug grounds the space and the denim woven into the jute really enhances the texture.

I have always had a jute rug under our dining tables and find they work hard for the space without showing it.

What I especially LOVE about this rug is that it brings value to the space but is priced affordably. Gorgeous blue patterned rugs are very popular right now and this one has all those qualities, but because it is woven jute it displays as pattern too.

In addition, I wanted to have a lighting fixture that had a bit more modern shape to it, but still was chic and versatile. This beaded chandelier couldn’t have fit better! The beads are made to look like weathered stone and the oil rubbed bronze works with the pops of black in our sunroom as well. Thankfully, I could see all of this when using Wayfair’s app and when the chandelier arrived I knew how it was going to look before trying it at home.

We kept our table that I chalk painted a few years ago. It is a nice big size and I still wanted the bright white elements here.

It is the perfect fit for dinners, projects and more. In this case – making lemonade ;)…

The bench I chose adds just enough elegance to the spread while remaining contemporary with straight legs. The linen colored upholstery is a nice twist mixed amongst the crisp white table and walls.

And as you notice, our room is a sunroom surrounded by windows and large evergreens.

In previous seasons I have overcrowded this room with sideboards, mirrors and more. Lately, I have been craving simplicity and the thought of a large plant seemed to be what was missing in the corner of our room! This one is faux but oh so believable in person. There is no need for anything else in the space with this beauty stealing the show.

Wyatt seems to agree ;)…

Here you can see how our sunroom is one long room with our family room on the other side. This shot allows you to see how the two fit together.

To make the spaces cohesive I added some black paint to our french doors. Now it is a focal point in the center, cost hardly anything to do (as I used leftover paint) and completes the look.

All these small details and decisions were such a treat to plan and part of why I take delight in decorating!

It’s about having fun and making your spaces reflect those who have the pleasure of living there.

It is an expression of your tastes and what makes you feel at ease or at home.

A place to enjoy sweet simplicity, turn lemons into lemonade and the list goes on.

Wayfair made that easier with their app (which I intend using more of) giving you a preview before deciding and finding the perfect piece(s) for your home.

Of course it’s no surprise that my kids are loving the addition of black doors and a blue rug (any addition of color in our home is a big deal), lol.

This guy is easy to please.

I hope you enjoyed this reveal as much as I had putting it together! Here are the pieces I picked out using their “view in room” feature and showed you today in our home:

A big thank you to Wayfair for providing these lovely products for our home and allowing me to try it out with their app. Make sure to head over to download the Wayfair app here for yourself and try out their “View in Room” feature! New customers can get 10% off when you download the app and sign up!

*Wayfair provided the furnishings listed above for this post but all opinions are 100% my own.