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Hello Friends and welcome to The Inspiration Gallery! This week I had the honor of joining the bHome app community! Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home… Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below too. Have a great weekend all!



bHome and a Fun Giveaway


picmonkey_imageHalloween Moon Art
DIY faux marble tray
Pumpkin pie sticks


How to digitize old photos and videos : Fall Picnic Ideas


tig-collageNine Fall Cocktails to Make at Home
Halloween Front Door



Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial for Fall with Garden Matter



Fall front porch




tig-pickModern Spider Halloween Party

Hello friends and happy Wednesday. This indeed is a happy Wednesday as I have some fun news to share with you!

If you have even been following me for a little bit now you are familiar with the fact that home is very special to me. I love to share our stories here with you one project and room at a time….


Starting today I am honored to be a part of the bHome family! bHome is a wonderful app that you can download for free on your devices and it quite literally pertains to all things “home”. It is the perfect place to find inspiration for DIY, decor, recipes, gardening, etc…

There are tips and advice surrounding all these topics from talented bloggers, many of whom you may already follow and admire as well as some new ones too! You receive access to their blog posts, their media and more all in this one app.

To make it even sweeter, once you find your inspiration and you want to save it for later, you can pin to Pinterest right inside the app. Or you can star your favorites to view their latest as well as heart things to look up again later. In addition, don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter as a way to stay connected.


There are many wonderful features and reasons why I love this app and why it is a great tool for anyone that enjoys all of the above. It makes it convenient for you to access all your favorite blogs, magazines and brands in one place, share your inspiration and even participate in fantastic giveaways.


Speaking of giveaways, I have put together something fun that one follower can win on bHome app… I am giving away this $75 Home Goods gift card!

Here is how you can enter!

  • Download the bHome app
  • Follow Zevy Joy by tapping on the star
  • You will then get a message from me with a link to enter the giveaway

That is it! I would love for you to come join me there as I appreciate each and every one of you and your support here! Thanks so much for stopping by~




Hello Friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! You’ve heard me talk lots and lots how pillows and throws are my favorites when it comes to decor ;). But I also love decorating with trays and I especially enjoy the elegant look of marble (which at times, can be an expensive accessory)…

So I decided to take the two and share a fun DIY today. It is budget friendly and perfect for a variety of uses. I made this faux marble tray and used it as part of a pretty breakfast set up. You can find all the details with directions over on Craftberry Bush today and I would love for you to stop by! Thanks so much you all!


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Let me start off by saying that my weekend with these talented, fabulous, gracious and oh so generous women was amazing. I really don’t know where to start, other than to say that really best describes my time with them. I had the opportunity to meet new friends, serve in a special project and meet with so many brands that gifted us with their goodies/wisdom (shared more down below)…


(Everly’s room here)


(Zealand’s room here)

For starters you have probably read about how much we enjoy our Beddy’s bedding that you have seen in both of my kiddos room. It really is genius bedding that zips up and makes the everyday chore of bed making so simple and enjoyable. Beddy’s hosted this Spark Retreat that I was invited to.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Betsy and Angie wanted to give a group of women an opportunity to share their talents their stories (aka “Spark” stories), work together and get to know some of their favorite brands too.

There was laughter, tears, encouragement and really so much more. To say I left with my heart full is an understatement. I wish I could go into all the details, but for now I will share some of it through the pictures ;)… I shared all the brands that we were introduced to, each so wonderful and you can take a look for yourself if you would like.

Let’s start with the food, here are just a few peeks at the delicious meals or treats we enjoyed…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)


Then there was the fashion, here are some the of the outfits we got to go home with…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five and pictured here is Mollie from Design Loves Details)


The home decor, I can’t forget to mention the beautiful pieces we brought back…


And one of my favorite parts of this trip, extending service and help to others…

Here is a closer look at how we had the privilege of serving this refugee family in their home.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

We were able to ready their homes with new Beddy’s bedding and the items donated and listed below.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Bedframes and bunk beds were assembled for each of the rooms…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Artwork was hung…


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Furniture and the necessities found their way home in their new space.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

We added simple touches of decor here and there for them to enjoy.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

And were grateful for the experience/opportunity to do it.


(Photo by Ashley at House of Five)

Here is a beautiful video put together by House of Five)

This beautiful project was made even sweeter by the thoughtful donations of these wonderful businesses…


(Photo from Lorena Canals)

Lorena Canals provided this family with a rug (pictured above). I’m a big fan of their rugs as they are eco friendly textiles made in India. They are handmade from non – toxic dyes, natural and cotton materials in their very own factory (with no child labor). In fact, a purchase made helps aid the children there in India with their schooling. Another bonus to these soft and stylish rugs is that you can throw them into your washing machine! We have one ourselves and I can attest to the quality of these beautiful rugs. You can read more about this company and shop for their rugs online or in store, prices ranging from $83 – $279 at (InstagramFacebook, Twitter, and YouTube).

Alyssa at Parris Chic Boutique was also a personal contact of mine that so generously gave a couple of their throws to this family!

In addition, here is the generously overwhelming list of contributors to this project –


Like I stated, this project was beautiful, it was changing and it was humbling. Thank you to each and every person that made it possible and for having me along!

*If you are interested in learning more please find the “Serve Refugees” app which will give information on how to donate with time or giving.

A big thank you to all the brands that showered us with gifts and to the women behind Beddy’s. You ladies amazed me with your hospitality and how welcome you made each of us. Thank you so much! Each of these brands provided products but all opinions are 100% my own.

Friends thank you for taking the time to read about this little adventure!





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Hello all and welcome back to The Inspiration Gallery! Today I shared our spooky but sweet Halloween table for The Blogger Home Stylin Tours… Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects/recipes down below too! Have a great weekend friends!




A Nature Inspired Halloween Table – BSHT

PicMonkey CollageNatural Fall Wreath DIY
Easy Fall Centerpiece
Rose Gold and Pink Tablescape


DIY Industrial Flip Calendar : Easy Spider Cakes : Neutral Fall Tablescape : Vintage Fishing Vignette


tig-collageQuiet week on the blog, but you can keep up with me on Instagram!


My Choice:


Caramel Apple Cider Cookies with CincyShopper



Blue and orange fall decor



Lavender Sugar Scrub by Bittersweet Walnut Grove


tig-pickFried Apples with Apple Caramel Sauce


Hello Friends! I am so excited to be back for another round of the Blogger Stylin Home Tours – Halloween! Hosted by my talented friend Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Company. If you are visiting here from Melaine at My Sweet Savannah, welcome!


You may have seen our home all dressed for fall here and this time around we got it ready for Halloween =)…


If Im being totally honest, I am scared way too easily and we don’t usually do very much when it comes to decorating for Halloween ;).


But when the chance became available to decorate I couldn’t resist and went to town with our dining table!


I knew I wanted a few spooky pieces, but mixed together in a natural way ;). Like they would be in real life, lol..


Therefore, I decided upon this Nature Inspired Halloween Table, where there are flowers sprouting from pumpkins all pretty and festive. But then there are flying bats, sneaky crows and crawling spiders.


All of these rodents, birds and bugs typically scare me (which is ridiculous at times, lol) but when incorporated all together it felt like they belonged.


When sitting next to pretty neutral toned blooms the crows are just a little bit scary and not too overwhelming.


Of course I had to include the other important players in this scene, which are fluttering butterflies and button mushrooms.


Wood accents (DIY footed wood slice tray) make the space feel woodsy and whimsical.


A perfect combination when crows are staring you down while you enjoy your meal.


Creepy crawlers find their way to goblets and around the easy paper plates/scrapbook paper placemats.


While we keep a favorite tradition of carving pumpkins as a family.


We take the yummy seeds and simply roast them. This year we used white pumpkins and they were wonderful!


The pumpkin faces turned out just like the table, a little spooky and a bit friendly.


While pumpkins are given their glow, soup simmers on the stove and bread warms in the oven.


The smell is tempting but the pumpkins are more intriguing.


When we finally settle down to the table the chandlier is twinkling. Mugs are full and soon, so will be bellies.


Our Halloween Table was a success and a fun tradition to carry on! The kiddos loved that we had some scarier friends joining us for our festivities and asked that they now be a part of the yearly dinner from here on out.

Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of today’s tour and head on over to Jen at with Heart to see how she decorates for the season too!

Thank you so much Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Company for hosting another wonderful tour and to all of you for visiting here with me today. I hope you will be back again soon!



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Hello Friends and welcome to this week’s, The Inspiration Gallery! The days are flying by as we have hit fall and we sure are staying busy! School has settled in and that has been nice to get into the routine of it all. This week I shared how to make some easy DIY Card Catalog Planters and then I talked about some simple steps to use when choosing everyday decor for your home. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn ant Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please feel free to link up your recent projects and recipes down below! Have a wonderful weekend ahead…



DIY Card Catalog Planter

Steps For Choosing Everyday Decor – Our New Rug



Neutral wreath DIY a video
Chocolate caramel cookies
Hand painted cookies


Fall Home Tour : DIY Ping Pong Ball Spider Wreath


tig-collageFall Tour – Living Room and Dining Room
Guest Room Reveal!
Powder Room Plans
Basement Reno Begins!



Dried Floral Tiered Pumpkin Centerpiece (Wedding Cake Inspired) by Cassie Bustamante


pizza-cake-4-1Pizza cake



DIY Push Pin Map by Mountain Modern Life


tig-pickNewel Post Makeover


You have heard me talk about decorating when you have kids/pets, using neutral decor and much more when it comes to your home… Today I wanted to talk about making decisions regarding your everyday decor and how to make it work for you. We have been on the search for a larger rug, one that fit the size of our narrow family room, but more importantly, the everyday needs of our family.  Rugs Direct provided us with a Safavieh Natura Rug and I thought it would be fun to share how I chose this “just right” rug for us; more so, how it applies in general for choosing rugs or really any decor in your home.

When I started looking through my options I really made sure to think about how it would work for us. Of course, white, cream or something in neutral tone were at the top of my list… As I sorted through pretty rug after pretty rug, I kept reminding myself of the things we needed to consider!


As you have probably seen, we have a sweet animal that loves to lounge around here – Wyatt our pup. So when thinking about a rug I realized that it would get a stray dog hair here or there. Because of that, I was set on finding a rug with texture; texture is really great at hiding fuzz and fur balls ;)…


We also have baskets and baskets of cars or toys that run along the floor day after day. Therefore, this floor of ours would be getting some regular use and I knew that I needed something durable and somewhat soft for little feet and hands to spend lots of time on.


As I mentioned before the size of our room was important to consider. You don’t often see this angle of our family room as this is where we have our T.V. set up. The entire space is very long and narrow with two occasional chairs that sit out. I have had it set in my mind that when the time was right I would love to find an area rug that would allow all the furniture to sit atop. While this was not necessary, it was something I really liked the idea of.


Next, I had to think about the traction this rug would be getting. With the sunroom set up and the french doors opening feet away from the rug, I wanted a color that would conceal the occasional dirt or dust brought in.


And of course style was important. When I say this, I mean that finding a rug within my taste or aesthetic was pertinet. Something that fit the feel of our home and would be an investment in time to come. Not something that would change quickly with the trends or my love to move things around. In this case, having a neutral rug made it a perfect choice for all of the above.


We happily made our choice on this Safavieh Natura Rug you see pictured here. It fit all the needs I outlined above and is just what we were looking for. It is soft, textured, neutral and the right size. We are really enjoying it as it has been long awaited and has made for one cozy floor!

Even though I shared about our decision process for choosing a rug, all this criteria can fit when making any design or big home decor decision.  You can think through this mental checklist of:

  • Do you own pets?
  • What kind of use will the space be getting and by who (i.e. kiddos, workspace, etc…)?
  • How big is your room, what is the size and the dimensions of your space?
  • Where is this space located in your home and will it be receiving lots of traction?
  • Will it fit with the style of your home and be something that should last over time?


While this is just a reference and how I make decisions when it comes to everyday decor, it is not the final say. And sometimes you make work what you already have and that is just right too. I hope this may come of use to you whatever stage of “home” you are in!

Safavieh Natura Rug from Rugs Direct provided us this rug but all opinions are 100% my own and I am so grateful to share them with each of you. In addition, Rugs Direct is offering this 15% off code to readers here.


Hello all, hope your weekend was good! We had a beautiful start to fall here. One cozy, rainy Saturday and then one bright and crisp Sunday… Quite the combo. Even though the weather is changing and cooling down, I still enjoy keeping out plants/herbs (both faux and real). As the months draw closer to winter those plants will soon be Christmas trees… Can’t wait! Anyhow, I made these fun DIY Card Catalog Planters and I am showing you how you can make one too.


I love putting a little twist on projects and this one is no different! I have always been a fan of those card catalogs or library catalogs that you see in some of the antique shops. They are much harder to find these days and are pricey too.


When I saw some little wooden boxes at the craft store I thought how fitting they were for holding small plants. As I thought more about it, I decided they would even be better as a set for holding herbs.


Herbs make such a nice compilation when placed together and the smell is delightful. It always puts me in the mood to cook and let’s face it…sometimes I need the extra motivation!

*Please note: Since these are not food safe boxes or materials the herbs are intended as decor only, not for cooking purposes.

Here is what you will need to make one…


  • A craft wooden box (large enough to hold a small potted plant).
  • Card Catalog pulls (I was able to find these at Hobby Lobby)
  • Paint or finish of your choice and paint brush
  • Tools for hardware (pencil and drill). Always practice safety with any tools.
  • Small plant or herb

Here is how you will put this fun little planter together…


  • First, paint or stain your box. I used a chalk paint with a varnish finish.
  • Using a pencil, measure out where you will put the hardware. I kept mine to the upper half.
  • Install the hardware using the necessary tools. This may depend on your hardware, but I used a drill.
  • Write out the names of whatever you are placing in the box…
  • Now place your herb or plant into the box (I left mine in the plastic container for easy removal to water) and you are done!


I had put my set up on our open shelving in the kitchen where you could get a lovely hint of rosemary, mint and sage.


It is always a pleasure to take something simple and make it into something charming. A piece that can add character to your home without costing very much.


This truly is a project embracing the notion of enjoying the simple things. Something I try to be intentional about but easily forget.


I hope this leaves you inspired today and please let me know if you try this out! Don’t forget these could also be used for any sweet arrangement of potted flowers or miniature trees in the winter…


Thanks so much for stopping by!

This “How To Make a Blanket Stand” post was also shared on Craftberry Bush July 5, 2016



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Hello all! Welcome back to The Inspiration Gallery! This week I shared some more spaces of our home during this fall season (as you can see down below). Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush and Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers… Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes here. Thanks so much for stopping by!


A Warm and Neutral Fall Home Tour – BSHT 2016


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