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Hello Friends and welcome to this week’s The Inspiration Gallery! What a week, it has flown by and summer’s end seems to be just around the corner. I am trying to enjoy every bit and all the incredible sunshine we are getting too! I recently shared our DIY Tufted Headboard and my time at the Renegade Craft Fair with Minwax. Here has what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at the Chronicles of Home. Please feel free to link up your recent projects and recipes down below.


Untitled design-36

Our Tufted Headboard

My Time with Minwax at the Seattle Renegade Craft Fair


the ins
Chalk art
Chicken wire crate DIY


Brown Horizontal Fence with Landscape

Tips For Staining a Fence


healthy striped popsicle recipe-1Striped Healthy Popsicles, Summer Catch-up, and Favorite Summer Skincare Products



Farmhouse Style Leather Chair with Making it in the Mountains



Homemade Ice Cream by Everyday Savvy


TIG pickDIY Industrial Baby Gate


I was recently invited to attend the Seattle Renegade Craft Fair and partnered with Minwax for this post…


I have never attended this fair before or used Minwax so this was a fun new experience. Of course, the hubby came along and was behind the scenes taking some of these pictures as I enjoyed all the information =).

The booth was set up nicely to accommodate many guests and left room for people to watch the very talented Bruce Johnson as he shared demos and tutorials.


Example pieces were laid out for people to admire, to touch and to see first hand how this company takes pride in their product. And for good reason.


As soon as I arrived, I was warmly greeted by the people behind this brand name. They were quick to welcome me and show me around. I loved hearing about their campaign, “Made With Love. Finished with Minwax.” You can watch this inspiring video that shares the heart behind this whole idea…


Then came the wealth of knowledge from expert, Bruce Johnson. He showed me the ropes when it comes to staining. I confessed to him that I have shied away from staining projects or furniture as it has intimidated me in the past.


As he explained the different products and showed me how they each worked, I quickly realized that there were many ways to stain/finish a piece and there really wasn’t reason to avoid trying. There are also a variety of colors to choose from in the Water Based Wood Stains selection.

Again, a misconception on my part had been that most stains were only available in a few certain shades. But instead they had many categories, including Cottage and Sea/Sky colors (both which happened to be my favorites).


One of the first examples he showed me was this Express Color. It was kinda like a little miracle in a tube! I watched him squirt some onto a wood plank and then rubbed it in with a soft cloth. And that was it, that was the only step. It had everything you could need in that single container.


Like with any finished pieces, there are things to consider such as conditioning the wood (for superior coverage) and protecting if it is a heavily used piece in your home.


The other product that left me surprised were the Wood Finishing Cloths. Just like a baby wipe (except using gloves =) you pull out a wipe and wipe the wood until it is covered with stain. Once again, simple and easy. I thought it was especially useful for someone who is new to stain.


At the end, I got to leave a happy DIYer with a project that I am looking forward to sharing with you in the future. I filled my bags up with staining goodies and I can’t wait to share how I used them.

You can also head over to LIKE Minwax on Facebook for more woodworking/wood staining inspiration!

‘Till then sweet friends!

DIY Tufted Headboard8

Hello friends and welcome back! I made over this tufted headboard about a month ago, I have been meaning to share the simple process and am finally getting to it.

This more of an inspiration project than a DIY because I took something and adjusted what was already there, but I think it could be a DIY without too much trouble =)…

DIY Tufted Headboard

I was searching my local Hobby Lobby when I ran across this wall art on clearance seen above. After seeing the price I couldn’t resist buying it and making a transformation. I knew it would be the perfect addition to our DIY sofa bed.

DIY Tufted Headboard1

This wall art had a frame attached that could easily be removed. I first took the frame off and then began the fun.

DIY Tufted Headboard2

I didn’t want to keep the dark embellishments or the roping, so those were the first to go.

DIY Tufted Headboard3

They were screwed into the plywood (similar to a drawer pull).

DIY Tufted Headboard4

Now I lined the board with linen. I just cut around the frame ensuring it would fit.

DIY Tufted Headboard5

I stapled around the entire piece, making sure to put in lots of staples. I wanted this to be nice and snug.

I bought one of those button cover makers (which was a breeze to use) and then made all new linen buttons. I tied them together on the back and retufted the wall art.

DIY Tufted Headboard6

I gave the frame a chalk paint finish and assembled it back on.

DIY Tufted Headboard7

(Rug from Rugs USA, Art from Wellbrock_Art, #7 Pillow from Painted Fox, Affiliate Link in Sidebar)

It gave our sofa bed just the right amount of height needed to finish this little space. I kept feeling like the bed was missing something and love the headboard. Now it adds texture, neutral tones and balance.

Again, I think this could be done with a lightweight board, some foam and following the basics of this piece I found (minus the frame). I hope it inspires you that decorating can be inexpensive while looking beautiful =).

Thanks so much for stopping by!



I love the opportunity to take a simple decoration, add a little something to it and make it all your own. Today I am over at Craftberry Bush showing you how to do just that while making a versatile DIY Chicken Wire Crate! It takes a only a few materials and a few steps to put one together and if you are interested I would love for you to stop by, thanks so much friends!


Hello friends, I am so glad to have you visiting here. This DIY has become one of my favorite decor pieces in our home and I love the functionality of it too. Today I am sharing how to make this DIY Blanket stand which is variation of the popular blanket ladder.


I have had a blanket ladder on my decor wish list for a very long time. I have not had the best luck finding one or affording one – so as usual, I decided to make one! After thinking it through some more, I thought it would be fun to make a version that was designed more as a rack. Really, it makes me think of those cooking challenge shows where they take a traditional dish and deconstruct it into something new while keeping the same flavors of the dish at heart. That is what this project became! A ladder turned inside out.


Here are the details on how you can make one of your own…


  • You will need some basic power tools for this project (as always, use caution when working with tools such as these). A miter saw and a drill press (or a hand drill with a spade bit). You will also need a 4 1/2 foot long 2″x 2″, 4 pieces of 1″x 3″ measuring 12 inches long and 3 (3/4 inches in diameter) dowels measuring  28 inches long. I used pine wood for all of these pieces as I love how you can see the wood grain through the stain.
  • Using your drill press (or a steady hand with a hand drill) and appropriate diameter spade bit, drill 3 holes down the center of the 2″x 2″. I made two of the holes on a diagonal (on rotating corners) while the center hole was made directly into the middle of one of the flat sides. I spaced these holes 11 inches apart from one another. Without a drill press you may find it more difficult to bore a straight hole all the way through the 2″ x 2″, so you may want to cut your dowels in half and wood glue them in shallower holes separately.
  • Take your dowels and squeeze them through the holes. You may need to gently hammer these in.
  • Now get ready to assemble the support base (following the pattern pictured above keeping in mind this is what is should like once you have clamped/glued the pieces to the center 2″ x 2″). For this portion of the project you will need – wood glue and clamps. Apply glue to two of the pieces that will be clamped (opposite of each other) and place them on – clamp them down and keep them firm as they dry. While they dry, add the other two pieces with your wood glue. Clamp these pieces together and let all four dry the appropriate drying time.
  • Stain or paint your new blanket stand, I used chalk paint and wax to stain. As you can see in the pictures, I stained before gluing and if I could do it again, I would wait. I realized that I needed to sand the newly waxed pieces so that the glue would adhere correctly.
  • That is it! It did take learning how to use some new power tools and playing around with what I envisioned for the size/design, but I had a lot of fun in the process. And of course, I recruited the help of my husband here and there; he is so sweet to indulge my ideas!


Before making this stand, we had a large basket holding all our throws.  Now we can actually see what blanket we want to use and of course, I enjoy the texture it adds to the space. It is like a piece of decor all on its own!


Our dining room and family room are adjoined so having blankets in this spot makes perfect sense for our space. Plus, who doesn’t love to snuggle up with a blanket during long dinner conversations!


You can change it up through the seasons by displaying warmer, thicker blankets in fall/winter and lightweight throws for spring and summer!


I forgot to mention one of the biggest bonuses…It is affordable! I was able to make this for less than 30 dollars and therefore it is budget decor at its best.


We have had it around for several months now and it has been just as I hoped. The kids grab a blanket when needed, it is easy to throw one up there as we go and I have changed it up as my decor changes too.


Thanks so much for joining me and can’t wait to see you next time, have a great rest of your week.

This “How To Make a Blanket Stand” post was also shared on Craftberry Bush April 19, 2016


If you have been joining me here at Zevy Joy for a little while then you are quite familiar with the fact that I decorate with lots of neutrals. We have a white sofa, kitchen stools, linen chairs and lots of light colored pillows. One of the questions I get asked the most is how we decorate or make that palette work when having two small kids and a dog…

So today I wanted to share some simple ways to decorate (with neutrals too) and still be able to do it while having small children and animals.


  1. Surfaces that wipe down easy – this just means that even though our bar stools are white they are easy to wipe down quickly after meals as they are plastic.


(Rug is Bereber Beige from Lorena Canals)

2.  Have furniture covers and rugs that are washable – machine washable cushion covers (like the DIY slipcover here) and rugs, like this one we recently received from Lorena Canals here make upkeep simple. This rug is still plush, soft and stylish – yet, at any time it may begin to get dingy or covered with dirty little footsteps, washing it can be a fast fix.


3.  Use textures that wear well – having textured decor that does not show wear as fast or dirt is a good way to incorporate neutrals. For example our pup can enjoy lounging on this wicker chair or our rug (jute braided rug from Rugs USA) without too much concern over him ruining it. In fact, if you look closely there are legos scattered around the floor but they are somewhat inconspicuous because of the texture, lol.


(#7 Pillow from Painted Fox – affiliate link in sidebar and Chembra Rug from Rugs USA)

Decorating with kids and pets is very possible and can be based on preference…Of course there is no right or wrong, but if you enjoy lighter colors and pallets don’t be afraid to go for it.


Just be sure to think about how you can care for them over time.


If someone spills coffee, has dirty paws or drops crumbs across the sofa find ways to manage the oopses with proper surfaces, washer friendly textiles and lots of texture.


I hope that this encourages you to enjoy your decor and not be afraid of it =). I will admit it takes some getting used to that it is ok to actually live in your pretty spaces but that is the very thing they were intended for!


(new office space with World Market here)

Thanks so much for stopping by friends! Hope you are enjoying your summer and getting some beautiful sunshine too.

(Lorena Canals compensated me with the rug mentioned above, but all opinions are 100% my own and I am grateful at the opportunity to share products with you that I enjoy.)

This post was sponsored by World Market.



We live in a small sweet house and using our space efficiently is a must. Just as important, we want to make it a place that is functional and stylish for every member of the family. We recently made over our office with World Market and are sharing all the details on this multipurpose space over at World Market’s Discover Blog. I would love for you to come and visit – thanks so much!

Inspiration Gallery

Hello friends and welcome to another week of The Inspiration Gallery! Please feel free to link up your recent recipes and projects down below. This week I shared how I stenciled our outdoor patio and a little bit more about myself, what’s behind the name Zevy Joy and a new map. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home.


Untitled design-34

DIY Stenciled Patio

A Name, A Good Book and A New Map


thisweekoncbWooden Sand Piper sculpture
How to create and inviting home
Repurposed Crib garden tool hanger
Succulent cone.


radish herb crostini-5Herbed Radish Crostini



No Bake Strawberry Pie Bites with a Spoonful of Flavor


Guest Room Refresh


TIG pickSparkling Berry Basil Lemonade


I share a little bit about myself here and there, but most often I am sharing DIY projects, recipes and often how we decorate our home. Today I am doing a little bit of both =). You may not know that the name Zevy Joy came about as a portmanteau of both of my kiddo’s names, Zealand and Everly.  We often get asked about how we chose these special names, but most often people wonder about Zealand…


Both my husband and I have worked in education for over 15 years between the two of us; therefore, we have seen or heard many names throughout the decade. When it came time to pick a name for our first born we really wanted something unique, dedicated to my husband’s heritage and easily shortened.


As we searched all the baby name books and websites for the perfect Scandinavian fit, we happened upon Zealand. It quickly made the top of our list and fit all our criteria. When the sweet little guy arrived we looked at him and knew this was it.


When I was given the opportunity to work with Grafomap and found out that you can make any custom map poster, the choice was simple. I went to the site and began searching for locations in New Zealand.


Besides New Zealand being special because of our son’s name, traveling there would be a dream come true for my husband and I. I am not sure if that will ever happen, but it would be incredible. Plus why not dream – right?! Anyhow, the hubby and I sat looking through the map of New Zealand and remembered that the film versions of my husband’s favorite book series growing up (The Lord of the Rings) were filmed in New Zealand. After a bit of research we found one of the filming locations in Wellington, New Zealand and completed our map order.


Now this sweet map hangs on the DIY kitchen rack in our kitchen. I am really enjoying the vintage/modern vibe it brings to our space. I especially loved when my eldest walked by (who is also a beginning reader these days) and quickly recognized his name as he looked at it fondly. He even asked if it may go in his room – which may very well happen because after all it was made with him in mind ;).


And there you have it! A little bit more about me and our family, a favorite book and an easy way to make a personalized map for yourself or a loved one. We chose the framed option (poster only is also available) and I appreciate that it is very lightweight (as it is not glass), making it nice for hanging on a shelf, in a child’s room or off a rack (like shown above).

Grafomap is offering 10% off to customers by using the code “zevyjoy”

I hope you enjoyed and I really appreciate you being here.

This post was sponsored by Grafomap but all opinions are 100% my own and I feel grateful to share them with you.


Hello friends, hope you had a good weekend. The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary and had such a relaxing/refreshing time. It is amazing how necessary those getaways are and how grateful we were to get some time together. It was especially wonderful after all the work we just spent updating our patio – you may have seen the fun Bloggers Patio Party here. Today I wanted to share the simple tutorial for our DIY Stenciled Patio. Please note that the process is simple but the time is extensive, haha….

Before we dive in, I wanted to share a before. When I was gathering photos, I couldn’t believe I didn’t grab a good before shot of this messy little spot! So the best I could do was show you all the stuff piled out as we prepped for the paint… So her you go =)


As you can see we pulled everything off of the patio and onto the lawn.

We only needed a handful of materials and with projects like this make sure to factor in drying and application times. I had mentioned before that the tile design was inspired by my very talented friend, Brooke at Nesting with Grace and her beautiful kitchen/home. The tile stencil I picked out was from Cutting Edge Stencils in the large size.



There were quite a few cracks and this really helped prep the surface. I was amazed at how hidden the cracks became with the new stenciled pattern.


  • Next we primed the surface with this BEHR concert bonding primer. Again, this was just another helpful step in really getting the patio ready for pretty paint.



  • Lastly, I picked up this driftwood gray Cabot DeckCorrect paint and started the stenciling. This step was easy, but each row took about a half hour to complete. I found using a stencil brush was better and more controlled than rolling on the paint. Our surface was not completely flat because of the style concrete we have, so the brush helped in that aspect too. The paint is really thick and was nice for stenciling as it did not seep or spread easily. As pictured above, you can see that it is not perfect and some paint found it’s way out at times… I am ok with that, in the scheme of things it really isn’t obvious and the space looks a 100 times better (at least I think so =)).


So there you have it! Some basic steps, lots of time and a new patio! I will be checking in with you over time to see how it is holding up and will be crossing my fingers that it lasts well over time. I am excited to see how it will age because real tile will do the same. So in this case, I am actually hoping for some dirt, moss, etc…

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope this inspires you to enjoy your spaces even on a budget – so much can be done with paint!