Hello Friends and happy Tuesday! Pumpkins are a favorite of mine this time of year and even more, heirloom pumpkins are my very favorite. They are the most beautiful colors and shapes and I find that they bring the perfect amount of “fall” to any space or decor!

Since I have been sharing our home all ready for the fall, one common theme has arisen… Pumpkins, or more so, the lack of real ones this early on in the season! So it got me thinking about how I could make one that would look like the real thing. Today I am sharing how you can paint your own over at Craftberry Bush and I would love for you to come and visit. Thanks so much you all!



Inspiration Gallery

Hello Friends and welcome back this week! I loved sharing some more of our home with you this week as we settle into fall and then I talked about some easy ways to style your throws around the house. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below. Have a great weekend!



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I have been really looking forward to sharing this post for a while now as it involves one of my most favorite things to decorate with, throws! I worked with Boll and Branch on this post and today I am sharing 7 very simple ways to fold and style your throws throughout the home.


Of course these luxurious quality made throws were packaged up in lovely boxes and bows. There is always a card wrapped inside that shares this special companies’ mission. Their products are fair trade, organic and made to give back in partnership with Not For Sale. I think it is always wonderful to be able to purchase something that gives back.


(Pumpkin Cable Knit Throw from Boll and Branch)

Throws are one of the best ways to pretty up your home because they are one of the easiest ways to add texture and comfort to any space. Throws like this cable knit pictured above are soft, knitted and the yarn even allows for a glimmering  sheen when the light shines in through the windows.

So without further explanation about why they are a great way to decorate, here is how I like to fold and style them!

1. Hung on a blanket ladder or a blanket stand (as seen here)…


Hanging your blankets this way makes it easy to grab one when needed and they are all in one place. Convenient and decorative all at the same time.

2. Tucked in baskets…


Again, this is another nice way to store your blankets as it shows them off without hiding them away.

3. Strung across the arm of a sofa or chair…


Having a blanket displayed this way just makes you want to curl up in the corner for a good movie or a warm fire. The blanket is literally just sitting there waiting for you!


To achieve this draped look I grabbed the blanket in the center and then pinched it, letting the remainder hang down around my hand holding it up.

4. Folded neatly and hanging from your bed or chair…


As much as I love the messy draped and “lived in” look of blankets, sometimes it is nice to have a structured fold (seen here with this comfortable throw).

5. Strewn across your bed length wise…


This quickly changes the look of your decor throughout the season and is a lovely way to have a cozy blanket ready for your when you are planning to take a Sunday nap ;).


(Antique White/Grey Origami Throw from Boll and Branch)

6. Draped together as a pair…


(Driftwood Cable Knit Throw from Boll and Branch)

Don’t feel confined to one blanket and instead put them together. Sometimes it is fun to layer on the texture!


These blankets would be perfect for a rainy afternoon or a very cold fall day. Really, for any time of year that you are craving some extra warmth. They are heavy weighted, plush and the loveliest of colors.

7. Use the corner of your sofa for displaying…


Just as you use the end arms of your sofa to hold a throw, also use the corner of a sofa to do the same thing. After a long day you will feel ready to climb on in and grab your book, don’t forget a warm cup of coffee too! Doesn’t this just exude feelings of autumn?


(Carbon Cable Knit Pillow Covers from Boll and Branch)

And with all this talk of throws, I can’t leave out pillows! These particular pillows are just like the throws in fluffy square form! They have all the features of those soft sweater like throws.


Hope you got some good ideas if you were wondering how to use your throws and enjoy them. When you’ve run out of options on how to style them, just “throw” them anywhere and enjoy them in any room of your home (as you can never go wrong as shown in my very first photo up above =)).  And yes, quality home decor can sometimes be an investment, but those items should last a long time to come, while remaining classic in style. In this particular case there is a good cause alongside a purchase too. This post was sponsored by Boll and Branch and all opinions are 100% my own.


List of sources throughout the post…

Pumpkin Cable Knit Throw from Boll and Branch

Pumpkin Cable Knit Throw from Boll and Branch

Carbon Cable Knit Pillow Covers from Boll and Branch

Driftwood Cable Knit Throw from Boll and Branch


Hello friends and I am so very happy to have you here. Another week has gone by and fall is quickly approaching each day. Today I am joining some amazing ladies that I truly consider friends in the Fall Into Home Tour hosted by Rachel at Maison de Pax .  Each of these ladies are so talented and kind – I can’t wait for you to see for yourself!


I finally found some real pumpkins and picked up a few! I quickly sprinkled them throughout the kitchen (although if I am being honest, one of those is a gourd ;).  Pumpkins can stand alone as easy and simple decor, they make a beautiful statement without too much fuss.


I bought another round of eucalyptus at the store for less than five dollars and it is still going strong! This time it is a seeded variety… Having green anytime throughout the year makes your home feel inviting and cozy. This can be store bought or even plucked from the outside for nothing.


Fresh herbs line the counters and make the kitchen smell like it is ready to be cooked in. Instead of cooking, this time we are baking up some waffles. It is so very true that baking makes everything smell good and is the best way to make anyone feel at home!


Making Belgian waffles is a family tradition of ours once the school year starts up again. The kiddos just love it (I mean who wouldn’t when syrup is involved, lol) and we intend to keep this Saturday ritual for many years to come.


This delightful treat fills the air with an aroma of vanilla; it’s nothing fancy or difficult either. We use our favorite recipe and dress it with whatever may be on hand, which happened to be blueberries this time.


Z and Evy dig right in and Wyatt eagerly awaits for a lucky accident to fall. This may be his favorite spot in the house.

And even though hot coffee and warm breakfast treats make Saturdays something to look forward to, the little bit of sleeping in on the weekend may be just as sweet!


I introduced autumn into our newly refreshed bedroom by adding an unfinished plaid flannel atop the bedding. I have used plaid flannels many times throughout our decor (as seen here). These flannel scarves or blankets are a wonderful option to change things up while on a budget.


I bring out my floppy hats and layered scarves; I always look forward to dressing for this time of year. Yay for sweater weather and decorating with things you use everyday!


Next to our bed sits an antique vanity with blooming magnolias… Branches and stems always hint at fall, as they mimic the changing seasons.


A couple more faux pumpkins, chunky knit blankets (always an instant dose of cozy texture) and a confetti of sunshine warm up a space easily.


The sun barely filters into this space at this time of year, but when it does it really is magnificent.


Speaking of bedrooms, I recently finished up our girl’s space and thought I would share it prettied up for the season with a baby pumpkin and some rich greens.


I wanted her room to fit her sweet personality and her name’s meaning, the “grazing meadow”. Somehow, the bold green and the leafy wallpaper (gifted from Milton and King) seemed fitting for both.  Spaces should be extensions of “you” and not what is in trend, nor do they have to be expensive to look beautiful (such as this DIY canopy).


Every room deserves a small pumpkin so of course, hers got one too. She was over the moon to help decorate the space ;).


Just before the weather becomes increasingly cold and time outside is spent less and less, I wanted to make use of our recently finished patio (here).


This has become one of our most enjoyed hangouts throughout the summer and I’m not ready to let go of it quite yet.


Dining areas are meant to be set up for good conversation, warm food and lots of memories.


Blankets and pillows always make a space cozy and ready for visiting even if the space is outdoors.


Pumpkins, gourds, cabbage and eucalyptus line the table for an easy centerpiece.


I even used the last of our snap pea vines to adorn the arrangement. Using what you have throughout and outside the house makes decorating inexpensive and doable.


Coffee, candles and fall flowers allow comfortable “after dinner” enjoyment and laughter around a fire.


Details are simple but they are special and that is what makes the most out of each spot on this patio or most importantly throughout our entire home.


Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to visit. I hope you will come and visit again soon as I love opening up our home during these tours and sharing it with you. I have experienced that there is so much joy to be found in the everyday of our homes, the love we put into them and how we share that love with our family and friends.


A very big thank you to Rachel at Maison de Pax for hosting this lovely tour and make sure to check out the entire fall tour below. Have a wonderful week all!

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Inspiration Gallery

Hello friends and welcome to this week’s, The Inspiration Gallery! It has been such a fun week kicking off fall by sharing decor with some wonderful and talented friends! I gave an early fall tour on Monday and then shared a free pumpkin printable available now. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home… Please feel free to link up your recent projects and recipes down below – enjoy all the creative inspiration and have a wonderful weekend ahead!



Fall Home Tour 2016

A Royal Pumpkin – Free Printable


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Hello and welcome back today friends! I am thrilled to be joining this fun Printable Hop today and can’t wait to share with you what I made… If you are new here, thanks for visiting as I am so happy to have you and to those who are returning I’m so glad you are! A very big thank you to Kristen over at Ella Claire for hosting this hop!!


I love pumpkins, I mean I really LOVE them – lol… They are so sweet, special, round and imperfect. They bring back nostalgic memories of carving, roasting seeds and eating way too much candy. As I have matured, these things have remained, but I have also begun to very much appreciate the appeal they add to your home decoratively.


So today I am sharing this little bumpy and round royal pumpkin. I say it is royal because I know these pale blue pumpkins to be “Cinderella” pumpkins. They really are fancy if you think about it; the color is magnificent and the veil of blue almost resembles the gown of Cinderella herself. My Everly is quite smitten with them too ;).


I wanted to make a printable that could be placed easily on a shelf in a kitchen or table side so that it could be simple and the color alone would be the highlight. I set mine atop our open kitchen shelving here.


I am a big fan of pretty and functional; these shelves do just that. They sit above our coffee station and cups are stationed here for use. I mix it up with some wooden tones and keep the colors neutral. I envisioned this petite pumpkin right in the mix.


Having shelves in your home are wonderful for changing up through the seasons. It doesn’t have to be tricky either!


As seen here I just added the printable to a standing frame and put a couple pumpkins in the space.


Decorating made easy and I sure hope this inspires you today. I am certain you will be inspired as you head to the rest of this hop and don’t forget to check out all the other beautiful printables made by my talented friends (linked below). Thanks so much Kristen at Ella Claire for hosting!


You can download the print for free down below with two possible layouts, the first without any wording and the second with. These pumpkins are off center in the larger scale but like I showed with my example, they can be cropped to center in a smaller frame if you would like. I hope you enjoy!


Free Download Royal Pumpkin

Free Download Royal Pumpkin with Wording


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Hello Friends and Happy Fall! I am so so excited to have you here today as I am joining some incredible friends as we open up our homes for a Finding Fall Home Tour hosted by the lovely Laura at Finding Home Farms! Welcome to each of you, those who are new here and those who have visited with me before. I am going to take you through the main living areas of our home and share how I have added some simple and rich autumn touches to our spaces…


As you come into our home, you will enter our living room. Our home is smaller, so the front door enters straight into this room. It is where we drop our backpacks, purses, hang our coats and leave our shoes =). It also serves as a guest room and an office (you can read about our DIY sofa/bed here).


Pumpkins were not quite ready in our area during this time of the year, so I used what I had on hand and relied on colors/textures to deliver the feelings of fall. I wanted the tones to mimic the richness of the season both golden and vibrant…


As you travel down a long hallway you will find yourself in the larger part of our home, our kitchen.


Where we have maximized storage with a DIY kitchen rack and some open shelving. Kale and butternut squash hang from a market tote. I love having things like this that can serve a purpose while still being beautiful.


We did a small remodel on this kitchen almost a year ago to the day (here) and I have really found so much joy in this little space. Whether it be cooking meals or baking up treats for my kiddos.


Tastes of the season inspire me to start baking as soon as fall rolls around. These plums and pears were no exception and just like the market tote, are lovely decor all while providing a tasty snack or dessert when needed.


We put together these easy puff pastries and finished them off quickly after ;)…


I let these plums and pears become the color scheme for this sweet little tour. They set the tone for how I bought flowers and set our dinner table.


Each element simple and together they all remained cohesive. Giving our small space a flow and a rhythm for just a little bit of money.


From the kitchen you will take a small step up to our sunroom which is used both as our dining room and family room. As seen above, decor was set out and then repurposed for baking and enjoying. You get so much out of your decor when you are able to do it this way.


Golden juicy pears are set on each plate and make a pretty statement set together.


You may have noticed the variety of eucalyptus set atop our dining table here. This is one of my favorite greeneries to use really any time of year. It is inexpensive and fanciful; I absolutely love how it moves and dangles when placed in a vase. Using the same greenery or foliage throughout your home when decorating is a great way to unite the look and feel of your entire home.


Not to forget another favorite use for any season of the year… texture!


Having lots of seating and plenty of pillows and throws full of texture create an atmosphere perfect for this season.


Across from the dining room you will find yourself in the coziest spot of the house, our family room.


Pillows overtake our large sectional (details here) and the amber sun streams through the large windows.


You can tell what season we are in by the color of the sun shining through the glass. I am always amazed as I sort through photos to see how very true this is each and every time…


Relaxed linens and some subtle prints welcome autumn into the space.


A couple pumpkins find their way onto the coffee table and now it is time to enjoy.


Decorating for fall really was simple and enjoyable, it fits our needs and makes us feel at home. Hopefully this inspires you to enjoy decorating purposefully with some delicate touches. I hope you enjoy all the inspiration these talented friends have so lovingly put together. Make sure to go and stop by each one and thank you so much to Laura at Finding Home Farms!


Finding Home Farms


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Julie Blanner


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Inspiration Gallery

Hello Friends, welcome back to The Inspiration Gallery! Wow this week flew as we got ready to go back to school and I will be ready to relax this weekend… I did share a small bedroom refresh and how we managed it on a set budget. Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please make sure to link up your recent projects and recipes down below. Enjoy all the creative inspiration and have a wonderful weekend!



Bedroom Refresh with a Budget


thisweekoncbRustic Caramel Apple Naked Cake
DIY Ribbon Trim Kitchen Towel



Paint Dripped Pumpkins : DIY Modern Fall Pumpkin Sign : Updated House Tour : Updated Front Door with Keyless Entry


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Five Favorite Art Sources
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Farmhouse Style DIY Dry Erase Board from a Vintage Window with Making it in the Mountains


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Kitchen Makeover by Worthing Court


tig-pickBig Boy Bedroom Makeover Reveal


Hello friends and welcome… Today I wanted to pop in and share a little refresh of our bedroom (on our very own budget).


I recently added a couple pieces to lighten this space up. Living in a smaller home has made me desire lighter decor more and more. For me personally, it just makes the space feel bigger and spacious. Not to mention, that with the weather we tend to get around here, I especially love the brightness of neutrals.


We originally had some darker furniture and a lovely deep hued blue rug. While I enjoyed those pieces for years, I was ready to change things ups a bit. I couldn’t justify spending money to buy a new headboard or a rug… so I got creative. I looked on Craigslist and I thrifted when possible – both of which have worked well for us and our budget in the past (as mentioned here).


But, I wasn’t finding what I had in mind. So this time around I started listing our furniture on local Facebook (Mom) groups, where you can buy sell and even trade your items. These groups have been around for a while and you may already be aware of them or using them =). This enabled me to easily sell all of the items we were no longer wanting and then budget how to buy what we were hoping for.


(Bedding from Boll and Branch)

It took time and patience because things didn’t sell right away, sometimes I had to change the price and I needed to save what I made during the process. While I worked on finding my older things new homes, I began to shop deals.


Through some diligent online shopping, Wayfair and Overstock had what we were looking for! Our headboard is from Wayfair and our large rug is from Overstock (again, these are not sponsored).


A couple things to note…

We wanted a larger rug for the bedroom and to do so in our price range, we needed to go with something cotton and thinner than a traditional wool rug. I was really ok with this and love the texture it adds to the space. Plus having a rug that fits underneath all of our furniture is wonderful!

In addition, patience is key to this process; I needed to wait to actually have the money before spending it. All in all it was a win-win because we sold what we didn’t need any more, making it possible to change up our space.

Here is a visual of our bedroom space before…


I really enjoyed this bedroom, the boho chic headboard made out of a rug (here) and the big bold bed frame. The contrast of light and dark colors and the traditional wool rug. As I have grown into what styles really speak to me and what makes me feel at home, our bedroom has now evolved to this…


There are still things I have on my list to get done and to add. They will wait. Just like the rest it will take some time, some creativity and contentment. I am in no rush to make it all over night and just like so much of what we do in life, I am enjoying it now… just as it is, just as it should be.

I know that I have been able to share collaborations and sponsorships with some wonderful companies and in doing so we have added some amazing upgrades to our home; in return I am so very grateful. I also wanted to show you some addtional examples of how we furnish and decorate our home on our set budget. I hope it inspires you to work within varying budgets, to truly enjoy your home – whatever season you are in and make it special for nothing more than what brings you joy in that place.

DIY Ribbon Trimmed Kitchen Towel 27

I really enjoy the little details when it comes to decorating… I think they are the ways that you put your stamp on your home and make it “you”. This can be done in so many ways, whether it be through art, different colors or my personal favorite – pillows. When you can’t put pillows in the kitchen, you can use towels to accessorize ;).

That is what I did here with this fun DIY Ribbon Trim Kitchen Towel and I am sharing how to make it over on Craftberry Bush today. It adds the perfect detail to any cooking space. I would love for you to visit and I hope you have a wonderful day friends! Thanks so much for stopping by!