Hey there friends – thanks for visiting today and thank you so very much for your sweet words about our single bathroom renovation, it means a lot to hear what you all thought! Speaking of bathrooms, you may have read that that is our ONLY bathroom in the house… While our house is not super tiny, it is smaller and it does require solutions at times. Living here for nearly a decade I have learned a few things along the way on how to solve some of those issues. That is why I started a little series to share some tips on how to make it work in smaller spaces and that living in these spaces really doesn’t mean living less or with little design. You can find my first part of the series with kid’s rooms and today I am moving us into the kitchen.

These are basic ideas and some might seem super obvious ūüėČ – but I do love to make a good list so here we go! These are simple ways we make the most of our kitchen and limited cabinetry. The heart of our kitchen is a small square and it can get crowded fast. We have almost learned a rehearsed dance when two of us have to be in there working at the same time.

Cabinet Organizers…

These risers and different inventions are so helpful when it comes to doubling the space in small cabinets. As you can see here we get twice the storage for dishware when using a shelf riser. In fact, it has been on my list to get more of these because they are genius!

Lazy Susans…

This may not be available to everyone – but if you can incorporate it or build it into your plans I highly recommend Lazy Susans for cabinetry that is set back in corners. Or shelves that slide out. You can see here we have a corner cabinet and inside of there is a Lazy Susan – which means I can use every square inch of the space. Without an official pantry, we have made this corner cabinet the designated pantry.

Wall Storage/Hooks…

We have the blank wall that sits here as you walk into the kitchen. I decided to throw up this DIY kitchen rack DIY kitchen rack and it has been perfect! Having hooks like this allows you to hang pretty items that are also useful. Such as aprons, strainers, pots/pans etc…

Display Bowls…

I like to keep some of my dishware out and especially the larger servingware since it won’t fit mostly anywhere else. I also use it to hold all the fruit and veggies that do not need to be refrigerated. Again, this is important because we have limited counter space and I try really hard to keep our counters clear for the most part.

Open Shelving…

Like I mentioned above it is sometimes nice to display dishes out in the open. It brings interest and detail to your spaces all while being useful. You may start to notice a pattern here… that small spaces can work really well with some intentional thought and purposeful positioning.

Extra Built-Ins…

Like the Lazy – Susans, this may not be an option for all but when we moved into our home we added extra cabinets under the window. The space was not getting used and we needed more room for bakeware and pots/pans. And since the kitchen is small, it works just fine to have these things on the other side of the room. It is a short walk away when needing them and I don’t mind ;).

Pretty Accessories and Tools…

As you leave things out because there isn’t room to store them away, invest in tools or accessories that you don’t mind having out. Such as pretty scrub brushes, bottles, or as seen below – spoons and whisks.

Tuck Away…

Our microwave is tucked away behind the fridge where it is hardly ever seen. I would love to have it out of sight completely but we really don’t have a spot to do that so this is a good compromise. It is something we use often enough as well as our blender, so they sit inconspicuously together here.

Use Dual Purpose Furniture…

Find furniture pieces that also have good storage. Our island has worked for holding paperwork, crafts and so much more these past years. It is central to where we need it and out of sight when we aren’t using it. I have some plans to change this sweet island base this summer, but it has been a wonderful help in our kitchen!

Get Organized…

I love organizing and I am fully aware that not everyone feels the same way ;)… And while this is not absolutely necessary in a small space it really can help. I have had seasons where the drawers are packed and things are overflowing (which is fine too). Although, when I can streamline and declutter a bit, my cabinets and drawers thank me for it – ha! Truth is though, tucked behind different cabinets, not everything is perfectly organized and that is ok as well. I have been working on making this kitchen work for us many years now and some days it feels the other way around. I’m alright with giving it my best, using what I know and passing those little bits of info to you. I hope that you think they are helpful as well!

Thanks again for stopping by and if the weather allows I will finally be sharing our back outdoor patio with you next week! I can’t wait…

Hello Friends and I am so excited to have you here today as I am sharing our completed bathroom! This was a design dream come true to complete a bathroom sponsored by Wayfair and now I get to show you all the details (insert squeal)…!!!

To say we are grateful, humbled and thrilled are understatements for this opportunity. After picking out our materials and expediant shipping, we (just the hubby and myself) completed the entire space in less than 30 days! We learned a lot through the process as well (thanks to a few too many phone calls to our sweet dads for their advice, ha!) and took so much pride in getting this done. I’d say Tyler and I make a pretty good team; sure we have our moments ;), but always feel the reward of teamwork and accomplishment after projects together.

Now onto the details! Much like the rest of our home, I wanted a room that was light and bright with neutral accents throughout.

Something that would flow with the rest of our rooms and feel like it was truly part of our house. This is the only bathroom in our home and there are four of us using it… So you have heard me say this before, but we really learn some important lessons when sharing this space day to day as a family. So giving it an upgrade was really a fun bonus with all that lesson learning =)!

As you may have noticed we have marble throughout our kitchen and I wanted to incorporate that here as well.

We started by picking out this complete vanity. Our previous vanity was much shorter and smaller; we were able to go a bit bigger with this one and increased our surface space by at least five inches. This particular piece has a polished marble top and traditional fixtures.

I chose to pair it with a marble floor as well. I really wanted something that was traditional but had some type of pattern to it, so these 2×2 hexagon tile sheets were the perfect fit. They bring a fun interest to the bathroom.¬†Wayfair’s Home Improvement Department made it easy to pick out our favorite materials with the necessary budget and find ways to get the most of what we had envisioned.

And here is our new toilet! We were really looking forward to a newer toilet and this one fit the bill. It is compact and wonderful for the spot where we needed it to fit.

We had beadboard siding originally in our space and decided with all the nice additions we would change up the look with some board and batten. We learned some new finishing skills and are really so happy with how this contributed to the whole look.

Our little vanity before was quite low, so having a vanity that is ergonomically correct has made washing hands or brushing teeth a bit more comfortable, for the grown ups at least ;)… And you may be thinking that fitting a larger (both wider/taller) vanity in this tiny space would make it all feel crowded?! But in fact it has been the opposite… We have been amazed at how the room opened up by making these few changes.

And while the space is neutral in tone, having bright and bold natural elements bring life and color to our newly renovated bathroom.

Storage is only needed and fits all within the vanity now which is such a perk!

Whether it is in the two large drawers or extensive shelf down below.

Everything feels clean and I really strived for it to be minimal in excess with bold statements and accessories.

Such as patterned tile, straight lines in the vanity and coordinating chrome fixtures seen both in the faucet and lighting.

I picked out this vanity light so that it would mimic the modern farmhouse style of our other lighting fixtures while working with the eclectic style of our spaces whether they be cottage, industrial, bohemian, mid-century etc… I really enjoy that you can see the bulbs throughout and we inserted Edison bulbs to really enhance that extra detailing.

Lastly, we picked out this round bamboo mirror to finish everything off. I hoped for something that would be larger in size and to also be a major focal point. Again, it brings a modern classic feel and has subtle wood detailing on the side which adds warmth and depth.

We completed this space within a budget of $3000 and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. These changes are a big upgrade for our family and have made using this single bathroom for the four of us a little more enjoyable ;)… Actually MUCH more enjoyable!

Here is a list of the pieces we have used from Wayfair here below:

I appreciate you taking the time to visit today and see our upgrade and thanks so much for joining in along the renovation journey! A very big thank you to Wayfair for partnering with us on this project and supplying the products to make it happen. You can find an article regarding our renovation over at Wayfair as well!

Well hello there again! Who’s excited for the weekend?! We sure are and hope to catch a dry break in the rain for some yard work =)… This week I shared a Mother’s Day Tablescape and then a Breakfast Potato recipe. Here is what has been happening with Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers as well this week. Enjoy linking up your projects and recipes down below too! Thanks all!

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Hello friends, thank you so much for visiting with me yesterday and for heading back here today! If you have been keeping up with us lately, then you have heard that we are needing to make some nutritional changes and trying things out. We have been attempting gluten and dairy free recipes. Some are successes while others have been complete flops. Speaking of, the other day I tried to make cauliflower pizza and it was just horrible… haha! Everyone agreed and yet everyone finished each bite graciously showing their appreciation. Oh well.

Anyhow, I am back sharing this very simple recipe that involves a favorite ingredient of ours – potatoes! We aren’t eating a whole lot of GF breads so potatoes have been a nice substitution. Growing up my dad would whip up similar potatoes for breakfast and my girl and I played around with recipes. I think we came up with a family hit as it was the second time I made them and everyone gobbled them up.

Here is what you will need:

  • Small potatoes (fingerlings, golden or red would be ok too)
  • A couple tablespoons of avocado oil or olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of chicken stock
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic. By the way, we use these frozen garlic cubes from Trader Joes and they. are. amazing. Seriously I love them and when you are saut√©ing garlic they are the easiest thing out there!
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Dash of nutmeg (this is my secret ingredient for everything – I’m not even kidding)
  • Tablespoon of DF butter (we have especially been loving Earth Balance – Soy Free) I think my sweet sister in law from the White Barn Farm recommended this to us and we love it!
  • Nutritional yeast (optional)

  • Now wash up the potatoes and peel off the imperfections.
  • Begin saut√©ing your oil, GF butter and garlic over medium heat in a pan till the garlic is fragrant.

  • Cut and half the potatoes so that they are relatively the same size – they will cook more evenly this way.

  • Throw the cut potatoes into the bubbling oil/GF butter and begin to cook!

  • You will notice a nice brown cast forming on the pan. Your potatoes should be getting brown too.
  • This is a good time to season the potatoes with the salt, pepper and nutmeg.
  • After about 10 minutes the interior base of the pan should look like it is covered and going to be a nightmare to clean ūüėČ – pour in half of the chicken stock. This will deglaze your pan and all of that yummy brown will begin to lift and incorporate into your dish.
  • You will saut√© your potatoes for about 15 minutes or until tender. You can repeat deglazing with remainder of chicken stock if needed.

  • At the very end you can throw on some nutritional yeast which deepens the flavor of the dish and gives the impression of cheese. Have you seen or heard about this stuff?! It is a wonderful seasoning for anyone looking to go gluten free or dairy free. It kinda tastes a bit like parmesan cheese and great for dishes like this or popcorn etc…

And there you have it! All done and delicious/easy!

Paired with some fruit or citrus (I cut my grapefruit the wrong way – but that’s real life and so I still used it because it didn’t change the taste ūüėČ alongside fresh eggs, this dish is a perfect start to the day.

I envisioned this a great weekend breakfast too. I also saved these leftovers in the fridge and blended them up with some cauliflower for a decadent faux mashed potato (more of that to come later!)

The sun was shining down so beautiful this particular afternoon and I couldn’t resist some more photos…

I hope this encourages any of you who may have to make some nutritional changes and this could easily be adapted with delicious real butter and dairy.

Thanks so much for stopping by all! See you later this afternoon for The Inspiration Gallery!


Hello sweet friends! Today I partnered with MacKenzie-Childs for a Mother’s Day Dessert Brunch “How To”! They provided me with some of their beautiful products and I wanted to share tips for making this sweet and special day all ready for the lovely ladies in your life. Everything from kitchen prep, delicious desserts and a beautiful (easy to set) table…

I typically show what our table looks like all dressed up for meals, but today I wanted to do something a little different and share how you can make a table ready for dessert. I envisioned this as something that moms would take joy in with all the baking, the good conversations while sipping on coffee (or tea) and the pretty atmosphere.

So here we go!

Whenever I prepare for any occasion at our home I like to shop my favorite goods which of course includes flowers. I especially enjoy carrying them around in my Market Bags or a tote. It may seem a bit silly but it makes the experience of shopping and hosting more special to me. I love the ambience it creates in my kitchen too, in my wildest imagination I am cooking up delightful meals countryside in a French Villa – ha! Grown ups can imagine too can’t they?!

(Courtyard Tote seen here)

This time I was able to fill my tote with a few branches of lilac (one of my most loved flowers). I did as I usually do and supplement with some faux as I believe guests could really care less. What’s pretty is pretty in my book!

Next, I wash up whatever fresh fruits I can find. I like to coordinate colors of fruit and find that it gives the table a cohesive look.

On this market trip, I grabbed up large red juicy grapes, plump blackberries in the darkest violet color and some colorful blueberries.

As the fruit dries, I arrange the flowers. I use widemouth vases that let everything free fall and be fancy. 

(Arrow Measuring Spoons)

Now is where all the fun and good tasting really begins! I intentionally pull out all ingredients and prepare measurements. Flour spills from measuring cups and sugar sits in dainty heart measuring spoons.

(Dotty Rolling Pin)

The final product is always a treat when baking, but who says you can’t enjoy adorable tools too – like this Dotty Rolling Pin?! I think it is great when you can enjoy the process of hosting and have these added visual pleasures while you prepare for your guests.¬†

(Courtly Check Enamel Pie Plate)

A pie plate¬†is then lined with crust and waiting for it’s vibrant filling.

Simple treats really are so beautiful when it comes to hosting any event. I tend to decide on a couple desserts and keep them decorated but not too busy. With all the gorgeous servingware and florals, there is no need to do more.

A DIY naked cake with a handful of flowers and a single crust pie compliment the event (the berries are the showstopper).

Let’s just say I had to hold the kiddos back from putting any fingers on these, ha! They did get to test a bite or two after though =)…

(Flower Market Salad/Dessert Plate – Black)

Now comes the table… For this specific Mother’s Day spread I knew that I wanted it to focus on the desserts and have the setting made in that way. So I started with the gorgeous plates that are accented with a bronzed rim. Having a mix of patterns always makes tables festive and¬†fanciful.

(Courtly Check Enamel Pedestal Platter)

Paired next to the elegant pedestal platter, all the pieces come together perfectly. I used larger dinner plates as chargers since this table was only serving dessert.

(Check Taper Candle Holders – Gold – Set of 2)

I set out all the desserts as part of the decor and it gives the guests something to anticipate and look forward to.  Candlelight gives off a soft glow anytime, on a rainy day gathering or early evening get together; it sheds light on all of the pretty presentation.

(Courtly Check Bent Pie Server)

Utensils are out and ready for the moment that cakes and pies are cut as to avoid getting up and down once guests are relaxed. But if I am being honest, I tend to always forget a thing or two when I have friends or family over!

Cake stands also add nice height next to flower arrangements – cakes are always a good idea when having dessert ūüėČ.

(Dotty Cheese Knives and Courtley Check Rattan and Enamel Party Tray)

And even though this is a dessert table, I think it is wise to incorporate something savory such as a plate full of cheeses, fruits and some nuts. Much like the rolling pin, these cheese knives and serving tray complete the play of pattern.

A table should feel comfortable and can be elegant at the same time.

(Dogwood Napkin Ring – Gold and Washed Linen Napkins – Natural)

Black statements with pops of gold seen with these napkin rings and soft wrinkly linen napkins help infuse that dressed up with effortless feeling I am talking about.

Having trays available makes moving things easy… Whether it be plates of cheese, coffee cups or clean up. This particular tray is nice and large so it can accommodate quite a bit.

(The Secret Lives of Baked Good Book)

A gift for the guest of honor is always a thoughtful idea. This one in particular goes with the theme of this event and hopefully ladies will leave inspired to bake up some more creations.

When together, your guests will have the very best time…

They will feel honored by the love you put into this event with the thought of them in mind.

Mother’s Day is an important time to thank those wonderful women who have served us and loved on us throughout our lifetimes (whomever they may be).

I hope that this post leaves you inspired as Mother’s Day approaches and I loved the opportunity to partner with this amazing company as I got to talk about my tips with you here today.

In case you were not aware, MacKenzie-Childs is a company whose talented artisans and designers create stunningly unique pieces (everything from dinnerware to furniture). This is just a glimpse of their incredible collections! I am grateful for chances like these to work with companies such as theirs and share what I think with you! Thanks so much for stopping by…

MacKenzie-Childs sponsored this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

Hi there friends and happy almost Friday =). This was a short week for us around our place but I did share some simple tips or organizing and making the most out of small spaces seen below. Here is what has been happening with Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home… Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below too! Have a wonderful weekend ahead all!

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Hello friends! Glad to have you here with me today =). I decided to start a series here on the blog that deals with small spaces, solutions and ideas on how to maximize room’s to their fullest potential. I hope you will continue to join me as I attempt to share most of the spaces in our home. I am choosing to begin with my son’s room because I finally finished a project that sat unfinished in his room for nearly 5 years! Do you ever have projects like that…? I can’t believe I let it go on that long, but it did and that is real life so there you go ;).

You may recognize this room from last year and you can see the entire post (here). Zealand has continued to love/enjoy this room and it has mostly functioned as I had hoped it would for all of his toy, reading and playtime joys. You may also notice that the bedding has changed pattern and this is a new one we got from Beddy’s¬†– it is called Dash and I love the black/white contrast in his room! It is such a playful fun print and of course the convenience of zip up bedding on a bunk bed is unbeatable.

(Striped Pillow from Grandin Road)

His room is tiny, so a bunk bed was the obvious choice with a desk down below. Finding furniture or storage that allows for more space is key in small bedrooms.¬†Having this set up gives him a spot to play on the floor and build Lego Pieces at his table. As he grows, that table will be used more for projects and homework etc…

You will see that his desk also has compartments/shelves for more storage! Use every inch to hold what is necessary and hide it away in coordinating boxes and fun baskets.

Here comes the area that took 5 years to finish lol. I don’t show this side of the room often but it serves this room very well. He has a rolling shelf I painted green and it houses all of his creations. Using pieces that move are important in making things versatile and user friendly.¬†And when specifically talking about kid’s rooms and building toys –¬†having designated spots for finished or a “work in progress” creations are helpful in organization and use.

Now here is his sweet teeny closet. It did have a door to start but I have found that removing closet doors allows for better room function. It makes rooms feel a bit more open and it personally stops me from letting closets get crowded or hide messes away. This is not a must in every room and some of you may disagree but I have found it a great solution. Especially when I can house all the clothing in dressers.

I can’t take credit for this shelving set up as I found it somewhere on the internet long ago and unfortunately I do not have the source (I will do my best to continue to try and find it). But all these cubbies hold books for now. They sat stuffed in this space with the door closed – unorganized and unused. So I took an evening to paint the inside, buy more boxes and get it cleaned up.

Once finished, Z spent hours looking through it all and excitedly shared how much he loved certain books and couldn’t wait to read them. Mission accomplished no matter what the space looked like ;). Speaking of, this wall in his room still needs a little here and there, but again this is an example of real life. It can take time and the perfect pieces – so those are worth waiting for.

Lastly, try out spaces for a while and see what works, don’t be afraid to change it up if it isn’t working – rooms should work for you and not the other way around. Small spaces are¬†small but they certainly are not limited =).

Hope this is helpful today and thanks so much friends for stopping by!

And thank you to Beddy’s for supplying the wonderful new bedding and to Grandin Road for the pillow – all opinions are 100% my own!

Hello Friends and welcome to The Inspiration Gallery! This week has been full of some Easter prep and dietary changes. I’m sharing all about it here… You can see what Lucy from Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home have been up to as well. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below, enjoy all the incredible inspiration all!

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Hey friends! Thanks for joining me today! So let me start by saying that today’s post is not a persuasion to go gluten or dairy free =)… There are so many opinions about food and I feel that it wise to do what is right for you, your family and their needs. If you have caught up on some of my recent posts lately, you will remember that I have shared that we are making some changes around here and one of them is dietary. We have had some health concerns that have encouraged us to try it out. Furthermore, I wanted to also add that we have had the help and guidance of a nutritionist. So when making these kinds of changes – I would definitely say that proper research and guidance is very important.

Anyhow, as we have taken this little food journey I thought I would share what has been helpful to us and where we started. As you may know, making any kind of food changes can be overwhelming and that is exactly how I have felt at times. We are a family that loves our bread and even more, we LOVE our cheese… haha. Seriously though we have really had to take this challenge on with some diligence. And while we have been dedicated, this brings me to my very first and most important tip – to take it slow and one day at a time.

Unless there is an extreme reason or doctor’s recommendation to start immediately, we have found this much more doable to take time and switch out ingredients over the course of a couple of months. We found that this gave us time to see what things the kids really enjoyed and just plain ole’ get used to the idea of no more cheese ;)…

Next comes all the varieties of non-dairies out there. Taste test all the different versions of lactose/casein free products out there…¬†

I was surprised at how many there are! There are coconut, almond, flax, soy, etc… So far our favorite has been cashew milk and it was the very last one we tried in our “taste test”. My daughter has been pretty picky, so I was crossing my fingers that cashew would be the one, thankfully it worked for her! This also includes yogurts (similar to the milks).

Rethink flours and play around with baking…

Much like dairy, there is a wide variety of gluten free flours out there! I picked up the Costco sized coconut flour and then while at the grocery store grabbed some of Bob’s GF flour too. I baked up a batch up GF donuts/muffins using this last flour and they were a huge hit! No one even questioned if they were the real thing and it left me completely encouraged. I know that not all recipes will end with such enthusiasm, but this left me feeling that it is possible. Don’t be afraid to try if you are wanting to and go easy on yourself for it takes practice.

Blenders and food processors are your friend…

We recently invested in a new blender and processor combo (Ninja Brand) because I have found that smoothies are my best friend in the breakfast department. They are great way to incorporate the right veggies and fruits; plus the kids LOVE them. While the smoothies are my best friend, blenders and the processor are not far behind! I can see quickly how convenient and budget friendly it will be to eventually be making pastes, muffins, purees and more. While I haven’t even dived head into the processor side of this diet, I have a list ready to go. See how I am being kind to myself and not trying to conquer DF and GF overnight ;)?!

At the end of the day I feel like this nutritional change is doable for our family and it just takes a little rethinking, planning and budgeting. I am certain we can try, do our best and see what happens. After all breakfast burritos can be made with tortillas, eggs and cheese (doesn’t matter if they are corn, milk free and have almond shreds instead- =). With fresh ingredients and creativity anything is possible!

Thanks for letting me share with you today and again I am not claiming to be the expert here, I am just hoping to encourage any of you out there that may be making changes too. There are so many wonderful blogs to help and professionals too – especially when making the above changes (as vitamins/nutrients are key – making sure you don’t leave out what is necessary).

As always I am grateful you visit with me and stay tuned for next week as I will be back sharing a couple more fun updates to our home… Can’t wait!

Hello all and welcome today! I joined up with some sweet friends to share fun and creative Easter Craft + DIY ideas for the upcoming season. I hope this will inspire you with a variety of beautiful projects to try out at home too!

I was browsing the craft store aisles a couple weeks ago and wondered what projects the kiddos and I could enjoy. It seems each year I find that my favorite projects are around eggs and Easter… Anyhow, I saw all the eggs, I saw the egg molds, I browsed the fairy garden kits, etc… and then it hit me! I used to LOVE those Easter sugar eggs (where you would peek through inside and see a little frosting scene with a bunny in a meadow). Do you remember those too?! They were the sweetest (no pun intended – haha) and also a really special memory.

So I decided to combine the two, making a bunny garden easter basket. A spin on a traditional basket or a traditional fairy garden – that would make a wonderful treat for some Easter traditions.

Typically my kids would help me out with these projects, but I ended up with a quiet morning to myself (while grandma had the kiddos) and I played with this DIY on my own.

Here is what you will need to make one too…

  • Large plastic egg – that opens in half
  • Small Easter basket
  • Sheet of Moss
  • 1 bag of Basket filler
  • Chalk paint and paint brush
  • Miniature Accessories for the garden (I found these where they keep the Fairy Garden Kits and I picked out bunnies, veggies, flowers, trees etc…)
  • Glue and glue gun (Practice safety when using the hot glue and again this would be an adult only part of the project)

Here is how I put this basket together…

  • Stuff the Easter basket full of filler…

  • Trace the moss sheet according to your basket’s shape and then top the filler with it (as seen above).

  • Paint your plastic egg with some chalk paint (I was a bit impatient and only did one coat, but you could do two).
  • Repeat the steps of adding filler to the egg as done with the basket.

  • Then top the filler with the sheet of moss cut to size. I did glue the edges down to the egg so it would be held in place this time.

  • Now comes the fun! Start accessorizing with the egg – add trees, a bunny, some mushrooms and carrots…

  • As I finished off the basket, I put in a trail of roses (like a real garden) and then a handful of eggs throughout the rest of the basket.

And there you have it!

I wanted this project to be simple and pretty. Something my kiddos would find whimsical and enchanting too.

I think I accomplished that and hope it will bring some smiles/creativity =).

I hope you think so too!


Don’t forget to go and visit the rest of my talented friends who are sharing some pretty amazing inspiration today… You can find the entire group down below – enjoy! Thanks so much you all!!

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