Hello all and Happy Monday! Welcome today as I join in on a fun DIY Summer Decor Hop hosted by my sweet friend Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers! I am thrilled to have those of you who are joining here from Kelly at Live Laugh Rowe too! Lately, I have been incorporating lots of hanging planters in our decor and thought it would be fun to make one that held a variety of pots or herbs. Which brought me to today’s project that is a hanging herb garden! And in my opinion, herbs are the way to Summer’s heart!

The best part is that this project uses something pre-made and all it takes is a bit of adjusting to convert it to the finished product! I searched around town to find the right rope for what I had envisioned here, but then saw these simple macrame plant hangers at our local grocery store. As soon as I found them I knew they would work even better and do exactly what I needed! A win – win in the crafting world ;), lol.

Anyhow, here is what you will need to make one yourself…

  • Simple macrame plant hanger
  • A variety of grown herbs (small potted size)
  • Coordinating pots to hold the herbs (if you don’t like the ones that your herbs or plants come in). Please note that plastic pots will sit a bit straighter and then terra-cotta or ceramic ones will hang a little more crooked due to their weight. *Any time you are doing something with food, make sure you are using food safe products too.

Here is how you will make these hanging herb gardens:

  • Keep your simple macrame pot hanger hanging. Find one of the sections that you want to insert a plant into and start loosening up the knots up above. You can get them to slide up and down as you loosen them.

  • You can see here how I took the knot and began to change the size or position of the loop hole. I made it smaller for the pot.

  • Then tighten the knots as you have the pots in place. It is easiest to do this without plants inside but you can do it either way.

  • Make sure the loops are tight and then start putting in your planted pots.

  • Here you can see them hanging all ready to go!

  • You will want to have this placed somewhere that it will not get knocked around easily, as they are tilted with dirt inside ;)…

And that is it!

I happen to love the beachy or boho-chic vibe that macrame plant hangers bring to spaces and this herb garden version is a sweet twist.

I used it in the kitchen to photograph, but I already have it moved outdoors onto our patio where I am loving it now too.

Vases of flowers are always a beautiful touch to any space as are live plants.

Even better, are plants that serve both as decoration and then for food.

That is one of my favorite ways to enjoy greenery throughout the kitchen.

This project was inexpensive, easy and useful all the same and just screams summer to me.

Summer months yearn for cooking and barbecuing all of which require fresh vibrant herbs.

This little garden fits the bill just right!

Don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the tour and go visit my wonderful friends Kristi and Kelly at Lolly Jane! These ladies are so talented and kind – I had the total pleasure of meeting them back in October…

Thanks so much for stopping by today and see you tomorrow for some more Summer fun!




Hello and welcome to today’s, The Inspiration Gallery! This week I talked about our property outdoors and then gave our pop- up trailer an update! Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy all the creativity down below and make sure to link up your recent projects and recipes down below too!

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Hello Friends! I have been waiting to share our pop – up camper with you for a while now and finally have it ready to share! You may have seen my original post here when I shared our camper for the first time with some updates as well.

Since then I traded out some curtains, bedding (which was provided by Beddy’s and we installed some simple click n lay laminate floors.

Beddy’s bedding makes it on to every bed we have in our home or on wheels ;). I know it is no secret we love this bedding… But believe or not it is seriously a dream for campers! There is obviously very little wiggle room in this tiny space so having this bedding that zips up and requires no folding, tucking etc.. is extremely convenient.

Though I usually pick white bedding, I was excited to use this fun Checked Out print and layer it with their  Spotted Blanket and was confident it would help hide the fun of camping (aka dirt) a little better than white in a trailer ;)…

Here are the floors close up. Overall, it was an easy install… the hubby did a great job and there were a few tricky spots he worked through and in the end I was amazed how it changed the space.

I considered doing some painted and stenciled floors (which would have worked well), but also liked the idea of wood tones too over the old laminate.

Faux and easy accessories can transport easy but make it feel like home away from home.

The comforts of coffee, soft lighting and more are feasible with little pop- ups and I am so happy for it! Camping is not my strength but having a little spot like this makes it a win for everyone.

I couldn’t resist a fern and some boho-chic decor touches either. Now clearly I wouldn’t pack this on a legit camping trip, lol. When you are parked in your driveway though it doesn’t hurt to accessorize a little =)!

Though I did paint the cabinets a couple years back they are in need of a touch up, which will happen some time later this summer. Time to play first!

I haven’t actually cooked a real meal inside of here yet and maybe I never will ;), we have a perfect camping barbecue that makes all the meal making simple.

Wish me luck as we will be planning a few stays in here this summer! I’ll let you know how it goes. I really enjoyed putting this post together as it was such a reminder of how even the smallest of spaces, rooms, homes, etc… can be big in the “style” department. And more than that, I just know we are going to have some sweet memories in this traveling vacation “home” and that is what matters the most. All the laughs, games, camp fires, (small grumbles from me when I can’t handle “camp”, ha!) and adventures make this little gem of ours. It applies to any place you are together and putting your love into it.

Thanks so much for visiting with me today! I’ll see you later tonight at The Inspiration Gallery!

A big thank you to Beddy’s for sending us their bedding and all opinions are 100% my own.


Hey you all! Glad to have you today! We recently found a way to safely have a fire on our patio using a portable little propane fired insert. My hubby figured out all the logistics and maybe I will share the details soon… Let’s just say he is really good at the science and mathematical side of things while I just stare back at him and scratch my head. He says it’s good to go so we sure have been enjoying it. While outside last night, I quickly took some pictures around our yard, or should I say the great outdoors ;). I don’t show many photos of some of these outdoor spaces and even though there is so much to be done I thought it may be fun to share with you!

One of the reasons we bought this house is because of it’s sunroom and the property. It is nestled in privately amongst mature trees and lots of greenery. So while it is not very big… it does have some charm that we have grown to love.

Such as the blooms that appear and surprise me each year, I tend to forget what comes up each spring or summer and am always excited by the abundant greeneries’ return. Or the blackberries that line our property and we enjoy each August when they are perfect and sweet! Here they are just at the beginning…

We have lots of little nooks within the yard that allow for secret paths and lots of exploring. Last year we put up this modest trellis/arbor and are intending to plant something that will grow up and around it.

We have finally begun to cut away a path down inside too.

In the front of our home I have spent the past couple years planting rosemary, lavender, hydrangea and assorted bushes out there. Most are holding up pretty well. Please don’t pay attention to the lovely weeds (they are on my “to do” agenda this week, lol).

None of this is happening over night or even over a year but it is happening with lots of love and lots of work. The kids are getting old enough to help out too and it has been so wonderful to enjoy together.

After all the years of living here, we finally had the exterior painted (our door was just given a coat today). I love how bright and fresh the exterior feels now! Our home is truly a midcentury modern with a lot of character. To carry out its’ style we are on the look out for a glass door and plan to paint it a fun bright color. Stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned, here is what we have been spending some of our time on lately. You have already seen our pop – up camper here but we have put a little more love into this year and I can’t wait to show you!

If it all goes to plan, I may even being showing this modest vacation home on wheels later this week ;).  And then are many adventures and memories to be had in this sweet little ride!

Thanks so much for visiting with me friends!

Hey all and welcome back! This week I showed a few updates to our little lady’s room and how we make her small space work with creative storage etc… Here is what has been happening with Taryn at Design Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below! Thanks so much for joining us~

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Good Morning friends, hope everyone is having a good week so far! I’m sharing another part to my Small Spaces Series and today is part 2 for kid’s rooms. I am showing you our daughter’s room, which I know you have seen before and now there are a few updates I wanted to share from Beddy’s and Mayberry Lane Design. I am using her sweet little space to give some tips and tricks I use when decorating our home.

As I have continued to have the pleasure of blogging here with you, I would say I have learned a few things along the way.

(Side Note – Make sure to follow safety measures with any hanging garlands when used in children’s spaces).

Whether it be studying rooms, making design mistakes (or successes) and trying things out for myself! I do not claim to know it all and far from it, but I do know some of these things work well for smaller homes or really any home in general.

A well lit space being one of them! Something I added here in Ev’s room is extra lighting. Seen here with this shell Chandelier.

Not only is it a statement piece it is functional too, giving her more light to play.

Provide extra seating…

Stools and chairs are excellent tucked in corners or places that will be useful for reading and imagination. Originally I had this little side of her room set up completely different, but after trying it out for a bit I changed my mind completely. I don’t have the actual chair for her room yet and I’m not sure when I will get one…But I grabbed our dining chair to fit the bill and give the idea of how I would use the space. Which is a great thing to do when you are wanting to see if a design works – borrow something from the house before purchasing. Make sure it will function well.

Have Fun with Accessories…

Even though rooms may be small, does not mean they need to lack in the decor department ;).

Such as the swan seen above her play kitchen or these adorable flowers sent by a childhood family friend at Mayberry Lane Design. I reconnected with through Instagram and she has the loveliest floral creations!

Layers and layers of texture add dimension/interest even to the tiniest of rooms. You may notice her new zip up bedding here we received from Beddy’s… I can not say enough good things about this incredible bedding, it is smart and beautiful! A perfect combination! She can easily make her bed each day by simply zipping up the sides and that is it! The inside is soft and cozy too. Clearly, I am a big fan – is it obvious?! 😉 Stay tuned as we will be sharing how we incorporated this special bedding in our pop-up camper too!

Dressers double as design, closets and storage! I took her baby white dresser and gave it an inexpensive update with black chalk paint, matte varnish and these fancy knobs.

As I have mentioned before, I like to take closet doors off and use the space in a way that can still function properly and be pleasing to the eyes. So I fold clothes instead of hanging them and make this a spot to have another lamp. In addition, there is a mirror so as she grows she can use that to get ready on school days (especially since we have one bathroom ;).

Plastic boxes hold and organize toys that slide underneath the bed. It looks like I need to vacuum here and that Wyatt (our pup) has brought a little of the outdoors in with him – real life moment!

Stack soft and flexible storage.

These baskets and this storage ottoman hold toys, stuffed animals and little dolls as well!

I love that it can hide things away for the most part and she can pull things out easily!

Maximize storage wherever you can! Even her little kitchen holds plastic tubs with different toys.

Wyatt can’t resist this sweet space, but I know he loves it mostly because of her…

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit with me and a big thank you to Beddy’s for the beautiful zip up bedding and to Mayberry Lane Design for the pretty felt flowers (Mayberry Lane Design is offering readers 15% till this Saturday June 10th at midnight PST – use the code ZEVYJOY15)! All opinions are 100% my own.

Welcome friends to this week’s, The Inspiration Gallery! Today I just shared how to make these sweet mini cakes and here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Enjoy linking up your recent projects and recipes down below and as always I hope you leave inspired by all the talent shared here! Thank you for stopping by!

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Hello friends! Hope your week has been good so far… With a long weekend, it is hard to believe that the next weekend is already right around the corner. I’m not complaining though ;)! So I recently made my first naked cake a couple months ago which had me itching to try mini versions. I have had it in the works for a while and finally got to it this week. So without further ado, here is the smaller version of the ever popular Naked Cake!

Here is what I used to bake these little treats up…

  • Baked cupcakes (these were boxed gluten/dairy free for our family 😉
  • Icing in a tipped or cut ziplock bag
  • Serrated knife for cutting level cake tiers
  • Butter spreading knife or a steel scraper/chopper
  • Embellishments such as edible flowers, sprinkles, etc…

Here is how you will make the small cakes…

  • Cut the top of your cupcake off to create a level tier. You will want to do this with three cupcakes making three tiers. They will not be exactly the same size or diameter and that is really ok. The icing helps even things out!

  • Begin layering on frosting – to change things up, I showed this in the shape of a flower. Which may just get smoothed out or you can choose to leave it.

  • Again do this to all three layers of cake.

  • Like I mentioned you could leave them like this – which would be less of a traditional naked cake, but they were still pretty.

  • I chose to continue on and smooth out and scrape off the frosting. That is the best way I can describe how you ice these types of cakes. It is almost like you are leaving the littlest amount of icing you can. I also found for the smaller cakes a butter spreading knife was easier . With a bigger cake the chopper/scraper was ideal.

What I like most about these cakes (in my opinion) is that they are not meant to be perfect. I love their sweet but organic look and it makes this cake so much easier to do than it seems!

You can top these pretty cakes with so many different things. I chose flowers but anything goes (I would recommend food safe items of course ;)!

Beaded icing or just plain with nothing is beautiful too!

Anyhow here they are simply set at our patio table and ready to enjoy.

It didn’t take a ton of work for a pretty dessert either.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did…

These cakes were gone that evening after dinner!

Thanks for stopping by you all and see you later for The Inspiration Gallery!

Welcome back to The Inspiration Gallery! This week I shared how to put a patio together and how a little blue paint transformed our bedroom! Here is what has been happening with Lucy at Craftberry Bush, Taryn at Design, Dining and Diapers and with Jennifer at The Chronicles of Home. Please do link up your recent projects and recipes down below and be inspired by all the talent shared! Have a great weekend all!

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Hey Friends! So today’s post is a fun one that was brought on last moment (last week) by this Instagram picture I shared of our bedroom. I have really enjoyed all the neutrals in our home but for some reason when I kept looking at this photo it felt desperate for an anchor of sorts. My eye kept going to the foot of the bed and I was craving something that was a little bolder. I didn’t want to go and buy something brand new as this bench is wonderful but I also knew it needed a change. And that change was blue, rather navy blue!

And here you can see a pretty similar shot with the updated bench and change that I had been craving. While the white bench works beautiful and there is not one thing wrong with it (again in my opinion ;)… this bolder bench really draws your eye across the room and makes the white linens pop. More over I have said this before, but I am having such fun mixing ALL the neutral tones together – white, cream, black, navy etc… They really make a pleasing composition when put in the same place.

Here is how I came to this exact blue and it was not love at first sight (or paint stroke – lol)…

I ran one afternoon to grab this chalk paint with a craft coupon. I knew that I wanted something of a darker blue, more of a navy and this was the closest I could find. I thought I would just throw a coat on and go from there.

Well let’s just say my kiddos walked in from playing outside to this on the floor and they were ecstatic. They said it was the prettiest blue and they were SO surprised I was using color, haha!

It confirmed my decision that we needed blue, but it also confirmed my decision that this was not the blue I had envisioned. It is a pretty color just not as dark as I was needing. I usually can stay pretty calm through the artistic process of things but this time I will admit I was a little nervous I was going to be able to pull the color out that I wanted.

Back to the drawing board, I ran again to the craft store and got a rich black paint. I knew that I could mix that in and it would mute/darken the blue to the proper tone.

And sure enough it did! I would say I mixed about half of the blue with not quite maybe 1/3 of the rich black paint to arrive here. I mixed little by little until I found this color. The second coat was on in less than an hour.

Making this such an easy project with big impact.

I finished the bench with a soft varnish and called it good!

I purposely chose to leave the bench and not take it a step further with distressing or sanding. So it is kinda fun to see how chalk paint looks this way instead of weathered.

This whole project gets me excited for blue and the idea of blue painted furniture. It is such a wonderful feature color, but if you aren’t ready for that it is perfect as an accent as seen here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and see you at The Inspiration Gallery tonight!